The Loo is the Perfect Restroom for Transit Managers Here’s Why-cm

The Loo is the Perfect Restroom for Transit Managers: Here’s Why

Transit managers are in charge of making it as smooth and easy as possible for people to get from Point…...
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The Portland Loo-cm

5 Reasons Landscape Architects Love the Loo

Landscape architects have the difficult task of creating a space that maximizes functionality and elevates beauty while making people feel…...
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Hispanic man raising hand during political town hall meeting-cm

Running for Local Office

Let’s say that you’ve spent months, or even years, trying to get the members of your local city council to…...
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Lawyer is explaining about the wrongdoing laws regarding fraud to the client at the office-cm

The Ins and Outs of the Budget Process

Even though Portland Loo is an inexpensive solution to some of the problems facing many communities, the fact remains that…...
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Imposing View of City Hall-cm

The Basics of Local Government

A common complaint heard in cities that have a growing homeless population is that people sometimes relieve themselves publicly, on…...
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light sign in public toilet at sunset -cm

All About Your City Manager

Are you trying to convince your city council to bring Portland Loo to your area, but not sure how to…...
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Man holding toilet paper roll in bathroom-cm

Weird American Bathroom Customs Other Countries Don’t Understand

How we “go” isn’t something we think about very often. It’s a daily habit that’s been ingrained in us ever…...
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Scared at the shower...-cm

The Most Iconic Bathroom Scenes in Movie History

Over the years, Hollywood has produced some iconic scenes in one of the most unlikely of places – the bathroom.…...
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happy eccentric guy on the toilette while a line of people waits for their turn-cm

Why the Portland Loo Has Become an International Phenomenon

Over 20 cities spanning across two countries have adopted the Portland Loo to solve their public restroom needs. Many cities…...
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Public toilet closed-cm

How the Pandemic Has Worsened An Already Frightening Shortage of Public Toilets

If you’ve ever been out on the town with a sudden urge to use the restroom, you understand just how…...
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