Another View Into The Portland Loo®

The Portland Loo® is embraced and popular around the globe.  See what people are saying in social media about The Portland Loo®.

$5 billion in new housing vouchers, approved in the latest COVID relief bill, with the goal to help 70,000 low-income families at risk of homelessness due to the pandemic is awesome, but is it hard to get it and use it? #HousingCrisis

Cities are finding ways to work around a federal judge’s ruling, keeping laws that punish people for being homeless. #homelessness #HousingCrisis

As we re-emerge into public spaces again after COVID quarantine, we’re probably going to be using public bathrooms more often again – both in our hometown, as well as other places we can’t wait to visit.

After studying piles of ancient poop an ‘extinction event’ in human gut bacteria occurred. @ScienceMagazine #poop #guthealth

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