Another View Into The Portland Loo®

The Portland Loo® is embraced and popular around the globe.  See what people are saying in social media about The Portland Loo®.

The Portland Loo® is made with few materials, making it less expensive to construct. It requires minimal utilities that can operate on solar power or low level volt power. And, the components are commonly used by cities around the world, so they’re easy to replace or upgrade.

Flight attendant shares why you should never use toilet paper onboard – New York Post

The Louvers create complete dead space around the top and bottom of the toilet. No matter if you’re looking up at the louvers or looking into the restroom from a multi story condo, The Portland Loo® still provides absolute privacy for the user.

With it’s rounded anti-graffiti wall panels, open grating, easy-to-clean coating, and interchange-able building components, it’s the swiss army knife of restrooms.

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