Another View Into The Portland Loo®

The Portland Loo® is embraced and popular around the globe.  See what people are saying in social media about The Portland Loo®.

Reminder: the hand was station is OUTSIDE the Loo! We strategically placed this outside so it lessens the amount of time people spend in the Loo.

What does it really mean to say restrooms are a fundamental human right? In the simplest terms, it means that all people deserve access to a clean, accessible, and reliable place to “go” 🚽

Discover how cities can maintain clean, odor-free public restrooms in high-traffic areas while still saving valuable time, energy, and money.

While we're called The Portland Loo, we are all over the world! For example, the Loo in this photo is in Arvada, Colorado. Is there a Portland Loo in your city??

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