How often do we need to clean The Portland Loo®?

In Portland they get cleaned 2-5 times a day. There is also a number to report incidents inside the restroom for cleaning.

Why is The Portland Loo® better than the ‘automated’ alternatives?

While the automated restrooms focus on easy cleaning, The Portland Loo® focuses on the crime prevention aspect of public restrooms. The automated restrooms provide too much privacy which has allowed prostitution and drug use to flourish. Moving parts and maintenance costs are much higher with automated restrooms, as the moving parts wear out or break and have to be sourced from Europe, unlike the local fixtures The Portland Loo® uses.

How long does it take from order to install?

The Portland Loo® is built to order and can take as little as 90 days from order to delivery. Deliveries are prioritized by first come first serve and lead times can grow if our schedule is filled with current orders.

Are these available outside of Portland?

All The Portland Loos® for North America are manufactured in Portland, Oregon. All The Portland Loos® for Australia, New Zealand and South East Asia are manufactured in New Zealand.

Are these good for rural parks?

Yes, The Portland Loo® can be placed in rural parks and trail heads. The Portland Loo® will be able to flush without connection to water and sewer with our off-grid option for The Portland Loo®. The off-grid option uses a holding tank below the restroom to supply flushing water and collect waste water for 1,326 flushes before needing to be refilled and waste emptied.

How does The Portland Loo® address the issue of drug use?

The Portland Loo® uses angled louvers for police and security to limit privacy. The Portland Loo® also uses blue lights to prevent drug users from locating veins.  

How does The Portland Loo® help reduce inappropriate use such as prostitution and drugs?

The open bottom and top of the restroom allow sight lines and sounds to carry outside the restroom. The restroom should be sited with Crime Prevention Through Environmental Designs (CPTED) that places the restroom in visible areas that prevent crime with open sight lines.

How long can I expect The Portland Loo® to last?

With proper maintenance The Portland Loo® is expected to last up to one hundred years.

Can The Portland Loo® come in custom colors?

Yes, The Portland Loo® can be made in a variety of custom colors.

Where is the best place to install The Portland Loo®?

Install The Portland Loo® in areas with open sightlines that can provide service to a variety of people such as: transit commuters, shoppers, tourists, residents, bar/restaurant goers, families/children, pedestrians, homeless and attendees at special events.

How long does it take to install The Portland Loo®?

Once the foundation is poured and cured correctly The Portland Loo® can be installed in two to four hours.

Do you have privacy with the louvers on the top and bottom of the restroom?

The Louvers create complete dead space around the top and bottom of the toilet. No matter if you're looking up at the louvers or looking into the restroom from a multi story condo, The Portland Loo® still provides absolute privacy for the user.

Can the Loo be used for advertisements and art work?

The Portland Loo® can be wrapped in vinyl wrapping to show art work or advertisements. Local laws may conflict with the ability to advertise on the restroom.