All Gender Bathroom Sign -cm

How the Portland Loo Can Promote Gender Inclusivity in Your City

Gender is an unspoken and often unconscious design constraint within cities that can make some individuals feel excluded, uncomfortable, and…...
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Baby playing with toilet paper in bathroom-cm

How Much of Your Life is Spent…Going? Plus Other Fascinating (and Frightening) Toilet Facts

You might use it every day, but how much do you really know about humanity’s most essential invention? Get ready…...
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Toilet sign near Hagia Sophia in Istanbul, Turkey-cm

Ways the Loo Benefits Municipal Landscaping Efforts

Ever wonder how downtown spaces in your town stay so clean, attractive, and welcoming? That impressive feat is in large…...
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Photo of cleaning cart with tools and buckets standing near restroom door at airport -cm

What Cities Should Look for When Choosing a Public Restroom

For decades, city officials have been operating under the false assumption that public restrooms are all built the same. This…...
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Sale of toilet bowls of different models in the plumbing store-cm

Different Kinds of Toilet Materials

As the single most essential device ever created by humans, the toilet has come in a wide range of variations…...
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Simple and clean bathroom-cm

Why Are Toilets White?

The restroom isn’t just a place for heading nature’s call. As it turns out, the restroom is quite a thought-provoking…...
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Pushing the flush button on a toilet-cm

Going Green: How Public Restrooms Are Improving Their Sustainability

Public restrooms present a challenge to many advocates who want to provide as many people as possible with a safe…...
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Reading newspapers in toilet.-cm

Loo Lingo: Funny Names for Toilets & Their Origins

Everyone has a favorite alternative name for the bathroom. Some people prefer casually calling it the toilet while others feel…...
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Man pushing toilet door-cm

Bring The Loo to Your City

Eager to bring a Portland Loo to your city but not sure where to begin? You’re in the right place!…...
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Homeless encampment -cm

How The Loo Can Help Alleviate the Houseless Crisis in Your City

The United States is reeling from an epidemic of homelessness spanning across the country as over half a million citizens…...
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