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Why Running Water Makes You Want To Use The Loo

Fancy spas and hotels utilize the sound of a gurgling stream with water fountains or audio players, because they know… ...
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How the Portland Loo Makes for a More Sustainable City

Sustainability has become an important theme for city planners over the past few decades. When tasked with investing in new… ...
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Longing for the Loo? Tips to Help Bring One to Your City

When the Portland Loo was first produced in its namesake city, the intention was to solve a local problem. As… ...
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Useful Toilet Paper Roll Hacks

We are so proud that The Portland Loo has been celebrated and awarded for it’s sleek modern look and unique… ...
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Why Potty Humor Helps Us All

Here at The Portland Loo, we’ve been the subject of some pretty funny potty jokes and puns over the years.… ...
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Easy and Fast Ways To Clean A Toilet

We here at the Portland Loo know how important it is to be able to clean a toilet quickly! Because… ...
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How To Get Over Public Bathroom Anxiety

If you’ve ever had problems using the public bathroom, you may have some form of toilet anxiety or phobia. This… ...
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Public Bathroom Essentials What you absolutely need to bring with you when you “go” outside your home.

As we re-emerge into public spaces again after COVID quarantine, we’re probably going to be using public bathrooms more often… ...
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How the Portland Loo Can Save Cities (And Citizens) Money

City councils are notoriously stubborn when it comes to expanding their financial budgets. Although this frugality is good in some… ...
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Portland Loo vs. the Pandemic: How a Public Restroom is Fighting Back

In 2020, the entire world was rattled by an unforeseen pandemic. Since then, nearly every aspect of daily life has… ...
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