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Going Green: How Public Restrooms Are Improving Their Sustainability

Public restrooms present a challenge to many advocates who want to provide as many people as possible with a safe…...
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Loo Lingo: Funny Names for Toilets & Their Origins

Everyone has a favorite alternative name for the bathroom. Some people prefer casually calling it the toilet while others feel…...
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Bring The Loo to Your City

Eager to bring a Portland Loo to your city but not sure where to begin? You’re in the right place!…...
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How The Loo Can Help Alleviate the Houseless Crisis in Your City

The United States is reeling from an epidemic of homelessness spanning across the country as over half a million citizens…...
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What the US Has Gotten Right (And Wrong) About Public Restrooms

The United States has had a complicated love-hate relationship with public restrooms in the recent past. There’s been an ebb…...
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What It’s Like to Use the LOO

The US has been suffering from a stark lack of public restroom options for decades. The limited selection is uniform,…...
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The LOO Gives Cities More Bang for Their Bathroom Buck

Local elected leaders are always looking for ways to trim their cities’ budgets or searching for opportunities to shift finances…...
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Why Are Public Toilets Oval and Residential Toilets Round?

If you’ve ever used a public restroom (which we’re safely assuming you have), you’ve noticed that things don’t look too…...
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How Does the Public Sewer System Work? (It’s More Interesting Than You Think!)

Hundreds of millions of people across the country rely on the public sewer system on a daily basis without ever…...
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The Fascinating History of the Urinal Cake

The bathroom world is full of things people use on a daily basis but never think about. Urinal cakes are…...
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