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Is It Safe To Use The Public Restroom Now?

As restaurants and other service businesses begin to open after the world outbreak of COVID, many of us are unsure…...
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A Historical Timeline of the Toilet. Where and When the Toilet Was Invented

Since the invention of the flushed toilet, our world health has improved dramatically. Unfortunately, there are areas of the world…...
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Which Toilet Flushing System Do You Need?

I’m sure we can all agree what a wonderful innovation that flush toilets are! They alone have significantly decreased the…...
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The Latest High Tech Toilets: They’re Smart And Don’t Smell!

It wasn’t until the 16th century that Sir John Harrington – who was the godson of Elizabeth I – finally…...
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How To Choose Which Toilet To Buy

If you are looking for a new toilet, hopefully it’s because you’re remodeling a bathroom or building a new home.…...
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Toilet Etiquette – Dos and Don’ts For Public Bathrooms

The Portland Loo is a public bathroom developed by the City of Portland, designed to keep the city clean and…...
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Wash Your Hands And Other Tips To Avoid Germs In Public Bathrooms

A lot of people are nervous to use public restrooms because they are worried about germs that they can be…...
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Why The Portland Loo Is A Safer Bathroom

The Portland Loo is proud to have worked with the City of Portland to design a public bathroom that makes…...
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The Portland Loo vs. Self-Cleaning Bathrooms

When designing the Portland Loo, we looked at many other standalone bathrooms that were installed in other cities around the…...
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The Portland Loo Works 24/7 For You

Personnel worked with The City of Portland to help keep the city clean and crime-free with a better solution for…...
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