The Portland Loo vs. Self-Cleaning Bathrooms

When designing the Portland Loo, we looked at many other standalone bathrooms that were installed in other cities around the…...
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5 Reasons We Love The Loo’s Steel Paneled Walls

The Portland Loo is a public bathroom developed by the City of Portland to keep the city clean and discourage…...
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Esquimalt, BC, Interview with Rick Daykin

We’ve often mentioned how The Portland Loo was voted Best Bathroom in Canada several years ago due to the famous…...
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Emeryville Loves The Portland Loo Too!

There are now over 20 Portland Loos located in Portland, helping to keep the city clean and crime-free! But Portland…...
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The Portland Loo is Proud to be Gender-Neutral

The Portland Loo is a public bathroom developed by the City of Portland that serves many different community sectors from…...
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How To Find A Public Restroom In Portland (and Elsewhere!)

Whether you’re a runner, tourist, or just out and about seeing the sites in Portland, you may be wondering where…...
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Parklane Park Loo-cm

Portland Loos Around The World

Most Portlanders are familiar with The Portland Loo, and have seen the silver rounded public restroom on several spots around…...
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Chemical toilet inside

New Green Innovations In Toilets

When The Portland Loo was designed with the primary goal of having a lasting solution that would keep the city…...
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Signpost in downtown

Who Most Benefits From Public City Toilets Like The Loo

The city of Portland is ahead of the curve in many ways, one of which is to come up with…...
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Public toilet in desert

Bathrooms Around The World Where You Don’t Wanna “Go”

The Portland Loo was designed more for the city and less for the user, with the primary goals of keeping…...
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