Easy and Fast Ways To Clean A Toilet

We here at the Portland Loo know how important it is to be able to clean a toilet quickly! Because we allow the public to use our flushed toilets 24/7, we keep most of our cleaning supplies in a cabinet right inside the Loo so that our maintenance staff can keep the city clean and crime-free quick and easy. We have it down to a system, and we know that if you regularly use the right cleaning product, with germicidal disinfecting properties, you prevent the spread of bacteria and kill 99% of any bathroom germs. However, not everyone wants to have to scrub the toilet bowl every week! Here are some cool new products we’ve seen that can help you do it as easily – or easier! – than we do:

Scrubbing Bubbles Gel

The easiest solutions require you to leave it and go, and the company that created the Scrubbing Bubbles spray now has a Toilet Cleaning Gel – which is one of the cheapest options by far. They created this disc that you stamp onto the inside of your toilet bowl, which will release the fragrance and a cleaning gel, maintaining your toilet hands-free for over a week!


Shine might have created the easiest way ever to clean your bowl with a chemical free way to clean and deodorize your toilet automatically! It’s a gadget that adds a salt pod to the tap water, and then zaps the water with an electrical current to create electrolyzed water. So basically when it’s flushed it sends a mist of this mixture into the bowl to disinfect and deodorize it. No harmful chemicals to clean as good as any Lysol product. The cool thing is that it’s the same chemical-free cleaner that has been used for decades to clean sushi. Yes sushi! Shine can also track water usage and detect whether you’ve got a leak in your pipes.

Reporting for Doodie

These guys look a lot like the dishwasher pods, but are really what they call a non-toxic ‘toilet bar.’ You throw one in the water and wait for it to dissolve before you give the toilet bowl a quick traditional brush-down. The cool thing is that, in the dissolution, the ingredients will already be doing their work. It’s made with sustainable packaging too, so we’re reporting that this is a win-win for your toilet and the environment.

Kaboom Scrub Free

Using Oxiclean stain fighters, the highly rated Kaboom Scrub Free Continuous Clean has refillable pouches that clean with every flush… and each one lasts for 3 months! You may still want to scrub the toilet now and again, but you certainly won’t need to do it that often because this formula really is powerful and helps prevent hard water stains and bacteria. You just attach the refillable pouch tank and then it injects the cleaning solution into the water with every flush.

Mahaton UV-C LED Sanitizer

UV-C lights have been shown to outperform standard sanitizer sprays in killing germs, and so engineers recently came up with the idea to use the technology to create and attach the device to the bottom of a toilet seat lid so that it’s sterilizing the toilet constantly when the lid is down. The Mahaton was recently introduced on Kickstarter, and uses the same technology that NASA uses to sanitize their water in space! It can also be removed from it’s holder in the toilet lid so that you can clean other surfaces around the house too.

Of course one of the best ways to avoid cleaning your own toilet is to use The Portland Loo! It is open 24 hours a day and was created with the City Of Portland to help keep the city clean and crime-free. If you’re an organization or city that’s looking for an easy clean bathroom solution like the Portland Loo, contact us and we’ll be happy to go over the specs and other details with you.