The Story Of The Little Can That Could

If you need a durable and inexpensive solution to reducing crime and waste in your parks, transit stations, or other populated areas, you’re not alone. Cities across the globe are experiencing the same thing Portland did over 10 years ago when we developed the Portland Loo.
Portland City Commissioner Randy Leonard originally had the idea at the time, because there was a rise in the city’s homeless population. Without restroom facilities, this population was left to find somewhere else to take care of business. The city realized that having a restroom open 24 hours a day with full public access would alleviate the need to disturb local businesses for their restroom facilities. They knew the solution would also help with sanitation, to prevent waste throughout public and tourist areas, as well as the spread of disease.
Portland staff and volunteers worked with Madden Fabrication to design and build the Portland Loo. Madden took their wishlist and together they created it specifically to prevent problems that are commonly experienced with public toilets - such as vandalism, illegal drug use or prostitution. The Portland Loo has earned the city its first patent, so they now earn a percent of the profit each time one is sold to another city or organization.
The Portland Loo is easy to clean, and nothing can be ripped off the walls or easily damaged. It’s made with components that are commonly used by many cities, making them easy to replace or upgrade. In fact, we are continually working with Portland and other city’s staff to change out or add requested features such as a flush handle, toilet paper dispenser, baby changing table, and more.
The first Portland Loo was installed over 10 years ago, and it still looks almost brand new! If you have especially high tourist or homeless populations, take the pressure off and inquire with our team about The Portland Loo. It’s easy and ready to go! And already proven to keep our city clean and crime-fee, so it won’t be a risk to your budget or reputation either.

LOO and you