Portland’s famous stand-alone bathroom, The Portland Loo, was developed by Madden Fabrication in conjunction with the City of Portland. Free and accessible around the clock, the Loos are designed specifically to prevent problems that are commonly experienced with public toilets. The sleek and modern kiosk discourages crime with graffiti-proof wall panels and open grating. And, they’re easy to clean, with commonly used components that are easy to replace or upgrade. First installed over 10 years ago, The Portland Loo has proven to be a durable and inexpensive solution to keep your city clean and crime-fee.

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Prevents Crime

The sleek and modern kiosk discourages crime with graffiti-proof wall panels and open grating that allows you to see if and how many people are inside.

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Easy to Clean & Maintain

The coating on the steel wall panels makes it simple to clean with a hose, and all plumbing and building components are common and easy to replace or upgrade.

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Inexpensive to Install and Run

It can be delivered on site as a complete enclosure, and requires minimal utilities that can operate on solar power or low level volt power.

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  • Tocchio – Google Review 5 Stars December 12, 2019
    Tocchio left 5 stars rating. The post Tocchio – Google Review 5 Stars appeared first on TheLoo.
  • Perry Rogers – Google Review 5 Stars November 26, 2019
    5 stars. A unique solution to a universal problem.   The post Perry Rogers – Google Review 5 Stars appeared first on TheLoo.
  • Owen Fitz – Google Review 5 Stars November 12, 2019
    Owen Fitz left 5 Stars rating. The post Owen Fitz – Google Review 5 Stars appeared first on TheLoo.
  • Mayor Andy Adams, City of Campbell River – In-The-News Review August 29, 2019
    We could have paid for the Portland Loo in what we’re spending for repairs and maintenance on the existing facility. Having seen the Portland Loos that are in Nanaimo and in Bastion Square in Victoria and some other locations, had council made the decision five or six years ago to purchase this, we probably could […]
  • Kevin Brooks, City of Campbell River – In-The-News Review August 29, 2019
    The others couldn’t ensure the safety we needed. One of the key things in regard to downtown washroom facilities that you’re seeing throughout North America is the ability for sight lines, ensuring the safety of the people using the washroom but also ensuring that if people are inside the washroom and are unconscious, people can […]

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Do You Know Your World Toilet Culture?

The Portland Loo isn’t an ordinary type of bathroom that you’re used to! There is no sink, for example, in the Loo because the hand-washing feature is on the outside!


Santa Rosa decides against Old Courthouse Square for new all-hours public restroom

Published in The Press Democrat Santa Rosa will have a new round-the-clock public restroom downtown, but it won’t be on Old Courthouse Square. The City Council picked a patch of


We need more public restrooms in DC. But how do we make them usable for all?

Published in Greater Greater Washington DC is inching towards increasing its number of public restrooms with the passage of a 2018 law that would add two new facilities and incentivize


Slanted Toilets Are the Logical Extreme of Hyperproductivity

Published in The Atlantic The toilet, as a technology, has been steadily improving. Indoor plumbing is far superior to chamber pots and outhouses, and automatic-flush sensors beat pulling a grimy


The Portland Loo vs. Self-Cleaning Bathrooms

When designing the Portland Loo, we looked at many other standalone bathrooms that were installed in other cities around the world. Many of these toilets had self-cleaning features, which sounded


Public Restrooms Are An Urban Necessity

Published in The Urbanist One thing we share as residents of this city is the regular need for a restroom. Yet this seemingly basic fact of life is something Seattle


Second new loo coming to downtown Vernon

Published in Vernon Morning Star Downtown Vernon will soon be getting its second shiny new loo. The public washrooms at the downtown bus terminus have been removed, making way for


Human waste issue at Vancouver park prompts call for 24/7 washroom

Published in CBC Complaints about dog poop littering parks aren't unusual, but at an East Vancouver park the issue is human feces, according to a neighbour and park user. Zoe Raffard lives


Grand Rapids authority approved $121K for downtown restroom

Published in Michigan Live GRAND RAPIDS, MI — A public restroom could be installed in Grand Rapids’ Heartside neighborhood by next summer. The Grand Rapids Downtown Development Authority has approved


Group seeks bathrooms for all in Astoria

Published in The Astorian Astoria’s Homelessness Solutions Task Force led to the installment of port-a-potties several years ago along the Astoria Riverwalk near Ninth and 16th streets to avoid public


Loo loot: How much has Portland made in the toilet business? Where does the cash go?

Published in PORTLAND, Ore. — Portland is in the toilet business and it's flush with cash. Over the past several years, it has raked in hundreds of thousands of


Guest View: WTD flush with hope

Published in The Register-Guard Tuesday marks the annual United Nation’s celebration of World Toilet Day. Why does the U.N. have a special day for toilets? When nature calls we simply


Can an Innovative Public restroom Reduce Waste Along the River?

Published in This Is Reno People are pooping in the Truckee River. Increasing homeless encampments in recent years have led to more debris, garbage and excrement along—and in—the river. It’s


Though ubiquitous, toilets aren’t available to everyone, and that should change

Published in Boston Globe Pam Richardson never thought much about public bathrooms until she started driving for a rideshare company in Seattle. Now, they’re always on her mind. “Places where


Restroom planned to deter Heartside public urination

Published in Wood TV GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. (WOOD) — Rock Dandeneau moved his Taste Buds-Kitchen Connects to a storefront on S. Division Avenue in Grand Rapids’ Heartside neighborhood last December.


5 Reasons We Love The Loo’s Steel Paneled Walls

The Portland Loo is a public bathroom developed by the City of Portland to keep the city clean and discourage illicit activity. That means we had to make the bathroom


Parks Department May Shrink Costly bathrooms to Save Cash

Published in The City The Parks Department is looking to curb the cost of constructing new public bathrooms — by making them smaller. Parks Commissioner Mitchell Silver Tuesday said the


Berkeley wants input on its public restrooms

Published in Berkeleyside Berkeley wants to know what its residents think of public restrooms. The city is conducting a citywide study and is holding a series of public meetings, culminating


Portland Toilet Locator

Published in Phlush Downtown Portland restrooms are available to the general public at thirteen locations.  These include Portland Loos, Parks facilities, and restrooms in public buildings.  A unique  “public restroom”


Telegraph must implement a 24-hour public restroom to restore dignity of neighborhood

Published in The Daily Californian The Telegraph district is one of the most vibrant neighborhoods in the East Bay, home to a diverse cross-section of Berkeleyans. As the densest neighborhood


Esquimalt, BC, Interview with Rick Daykin

We’ve often mentioned how The Portland Loo was voted Best Bathroom in Canada several years ago due to the famous “Langley Street Loo” located just north of us in Victoria


Emeryville Loves The Portland Loo Too!

There are now over 20 Portland Loos located in Portland, helping to keep the city clean and crime-free! But Portland isn’t the only city benefiting from the silver sleek standalone


Report Outlines Strategies for Cities to Better Serve the Health of Their Residents

Published in City Parks Alliance Active Parks, Healthy Cities distills the findings of the National Study of Neighborhood Parks into four major recommendation categories: Programming, Design, Marketing and Outreach, and


Uncomfortable public loos coming to King County

Published in The Columbian SEATTLE — In these coarse times, it costs money to keep the appearance of a civilized society. At the Ballard Commons, in the heart of Seattle’s


It’s austere and uncomfortable. That’s precisely the reason the ‘Portland Loo’ is finding a home in King County

Published in The Seattle Times In these coarse times, it costs money to keep the appearance of a civilized society. At the Ballard Commons, in the heart of Seattle’s historic


City awaits toilets for downtown public restroom project

Published in Austin Monitor Austin’s first permanent public restroom project downtown has been pushed back several months due to problems in the manufacturing process. Portland Loo, the company that makes


Ballard Commons Portland Loo nears completion

Published in My Ballard The new permanent toilet at Ballard Commons Park is almost ready for business. The pricey Portland Loo cost the city $550,000, and has been in the works


The Portland Loo is Proud to be Gender-Neutral

The Portland Loo is a public bathroom developed by the City of Portland that serves many different community sectors from tourists and visitors to runners and the homeless population. And

Portland Loo Yet to Find Permanent Home in Albuquerque

Published in KRQE ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (KRQE) – An expensive restroom that was supposed to bring relief to people in downtown Albuquerque has yet to find a permanent home. In 2018,


City of Campbell River to spend $200,000 on installing pre-fab washroom downtown

Published in Campbell River Mirror Toilet is designed to discourage vagrancy, withstand and deter vandalism and be easier to maintain. The City of Campbell River is hoping a fancy new


Why Does No One Give a Crap About Seattle’s Public Restrooms?

Published in Seattle Met “Missing toilet seat and lid,” “floor completely covered in debris,” “syringe parts in toilet”—these are just a few of the observed health and safety issues with


Reading Seeks State Grant to Make Repairs to Downtown Courtyards

Published in Reading Eagle The spot in the 600 block of Penn Street also could get restroom facilities to deal with a particular problem in the area. One of the


City Buys “Anti-Crime Toilets” For Park

Published in ClearLink Plagued by continued vandalism, crime and drug use at one of its parks, the city of Shoreline, Washington purchased $115,000 worth of single occupancy restrooms built to


Public Toilets Are a Necessity For The Housed And Unhoused

Published in Real Charge Director's Corner | Timothy Harris, founding director While Seattle’s City Council elections are deeply polarized around how the city should approach the crisis of unsheltered homelessness,


How To Find A Public Restroom In Portland (and Elsewhere!)

Whether you’re a runner, tourist, or just out and about seeing the sites in Portland, you may be wondering where the public restrooms are. One of your obvious options is

City Opens Bidding on $500,000 Public restroom Project for Downtown Davis

Published in Fox40 DAVIS -- Davis city leaders say they found the answer to cleaner, more accessible public restrooms. The city of Davis wants to take a concept that garnered


Construction Starts for Portland Loo at Ballard Commons

Published in My Ballard The long-awaited, $550,000 toilet is finally being installed in Ballard Commons Park. Seattle Parks is installing the permanent toilet, called the Portland Loo, because a public


Downtown Business Oppose Plans to Put Public Toilet On or Near OLD Courthouse Square

Published in The Press Democrat The absence of a public restroom on Santa Rosa’s Old Courthouse Square can pose a dilemma for parents with young kids struggling to hold it,

Parklane Park Loo-cm

Portland Loos Around The World

Most Portlanders are familiar with The Portland Loo, and have seen the silver rounded public restroom on several spots around town. The Loo has a unique look and a small


Public Restrooms Delayed

Published in Castanet Vernon Coun. Brian Quiring doesn't want the public to go through the summer months without proper restroom facilities downtown. "What's the status on the installation of the Portland

Chemical toilet inside

New Green Innovations In Toilets

When The Portland Loo was designed with the primary goal of having a lasting solution that would keep the city clean and discourage crime, one of the many solutions for

Signpost in downtown

Who Most Benefits From Public City Toilets Like The Loo

The city of Portland is ahead of the curve in many ways, one of which is to come up with a solution for public bathrooms that serves many different community

Public toilet in desert

Bathrooms Around The World Where You Don’t Wanna “Go”

The Portland Loo was designed more for the city and less for the user, with the primary goals of keeping the city clean and discouraging crime. For example, the open

Portland Loo at James Island's Ferguson Village Park

Why Charleston’s $125,000 Crime-Fighting Toilet Could Set a New Standard

Published in The Post and Courier The new restroom at James Island’s Ferguson Village Park was installed two weeks ago. It cost $125,000 and had been a request of the

Aerial of Smithers---BC-and-the-Hudson-Bay-Mountain

Portland Loo – Smithers, CA, Interview with Mayor Taylor Bachrach

You may know that The Portland Loo isn’t just in Portland; there are several cities around the globe that host the unique standalone public restroom. In fact, the Portland Loo

Sound Transit

Sound Transit is taking over the downtown transit tunnel. What are its plans for the vacant Westlake Station kiosk?

Published in The Seattle Times When King County Metro removed its buses from Seattle’s downtown transit tunnel last month, Metro also abandoned its part-time customer-service kiosk inside Westlake Station. The

Closeup of cute little 12 months-old-toddler-baby-girl-child-sitting-on-potty.-Kid-playing-with-big-plush-soft-toy-cm

The Portland Loo’s 5 Favorite Potty Training Songs

You may have heard about Portland’s famous stand-alone bathroom, The Portland Loo, which was designed in cooperation with city staff and volunteers. No other city’s bathroom is as celebrated as

Salinas transit center

Renovations Begin at Downtown Salinas Transit Center

Published in KION5/46 Construction has officially begun at the Monterey-Salinas Transit's Salinas Center. The project is the first major remodel since its opening 30 years ago. "I think it's a great idea.

Portland Loo

The Portland Loo Versus Other City Toilets

The Portland Loo was designed in cooperation with the city of Portland to keep the city clean and discourage crime. Every feature was purposely designed to create a self-contained solution


Where the Plazas Are in the City of Monterey–and How to Preserve Their Charm

Published in Visitors sometimes think that Cannery Row is downtown Monterey, but that’s not so. Below you’ll learn about plazas in each of these distinctive areas of the City

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