Portland’s famous stand-alone bathroom, The Portland Loo, was developed by Madden Fabrication in conjunction with the City of Portland. Free and accessible around the clock, the Loos are designed specifically to prevent problems that are commonly experienced with public toilets. The sleek and modern kiosk discourages crime with graffiti-proof wall panels and open grating. And, they’re easy to clean, with commonly used components that are easy to replace or upgrade. First installed over 10 years ago, The Portland Loo has proven to be a durable and inexpensive solution to keep your city clean and crime-fee.

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Prevents Crime

The sleek and modern kiosk discourages crime with graffiti-proof wall panels and open grating that allows you to see if and how many people are inside.

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Easy to Clean & Maintain

The coating on the steel wall panels makes it simple to clean with a hose, and all plumbing and building components are common and easy to replace or upgrade.

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Inexpensive to Install and Run

It can be delivered on site as a complete enclosure, and requires minimal utilities that can operate on solar power or low level volt power.

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  • David Rodriguez – Google Review 4 Stars November 13, 2018
    “Good spot” The post David Rodriguez – Google Review 4 Stars appeared first on TheLoo.
  • Daniel Johnson August 7, 2018
    “Thank you  for your quote for the City of Shoreline Evan. I can’t being to tell you how effective the Loos have been in solving site CEPTED issues at the Rainier Beach Site. During my tenure as the former operations and maintenance director for Seattle Parks and Recreation, the Loo was a welcome solution to […]
  • Gary Johnson August 6, 2018
    “Based on Portland’s experience, this public toilet doesn’t just work well for homeless people — it works well for everybody” The post Gary Johnson appeared first on TheLoo.
  • Bryan Aptekar, City of Portland August 6, 2018
    “It is worth increased installation costs if it is the right location.” The post Bryan Aptekar, City of Portland appeared first on TheLoo.
  • Denise Jillian, ED Harvard Square Business Association August 6, 2018
    “This is an authentic urban place and we welcome everybody here — from homeless kids to global leaders,…The toilet is really located right in the heart of the square, with traffic coming and going on all sides. So the fact that it’s in such a public space I think is helpful.” The post Denise Jillian, […]

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We’re proud that we were able to work with Portland City staff and officials to develop The Portland Loo, which is the name of the freestanding restrooms you can see

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