The Toilet That Stands Alone

There’s no question you want to keep a clean and crime-free transit station. But many transportation hubs, lines, or stops need an affordable and safe solution that doesn’t take up a lot of building space or nearby resources.

Lucky for you, you found The Portland Loo®.

The Portland Loo® was developed by Madden Fabrication with the City of Portland staff and officials. Together, we specifically designed it to prevent problems of other public restrooms, including cleanliness, crime, and upkeep.

So durable, it’s almost indestructible.

The heavy-gauge stainless steel wall panels are strong and yet lightweight. With a graffiti-proof coating, they’re easy to clean with a hose. All of the plumbing and building components are commonly used too, so they’re easy to replace or upgrade.

An elegant design that’s also inexpensive.

The minimalistic approach resulted in a sleek and modern design, which also means there isn’t unnecessary components that add to the cost. And the solar-panels on the roof allow the unit to be powered entirely by solar power off-grid, or in combination with low level volt power.

Promotes safety, while allowing for privacy.

There are open grates at the bottom and top of the Loo, which allows law enforcement or security personnel to see and hear how many people are inside. Yet, each occupant has privacy where it matters in order to use the facility without worry.

Discourages lingering and crime inside.

The hand-washing feature is on the exterior deters anyone from lingering too long inside the restroom, and prevents any clothing or body washing inside. This also creates efficiency, allowing more people to use it in any given time period.

Proven to help the City of Portland.

The oldest Portland Loo® is 10 years old, is still in use, and looks new! The proven success of The Portland Loo® has earned the city its first patent, so Portland also gets a percent of the profit each time one is sold to another city or organization.

There’s no doubt that this is your safest choice for a freestanding public restroom. Hear what others have to say…