Chemical toilet inside

New Green Innovations In Toilets

When The Portland Loo was designed with the primary goal of having a lasting solution that would keep the city…...
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Signpost in downtown

Who Most Benefits From Public City Toilets Like The Loo

The city of Portland is ahead of the curve in many ways, one of which is to come up with…...
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Public toilet in desert

Bathrooms Around The World Where You Don’t Wanna “Go”

The Portland Loo was designed more for the city and less for the user, with the primary goals of keeping…...
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Aerial of Smithers---BC-and-the-Hudson-Bay-Mountain

Portland Loo – Smithers, CA, Interview with Mayor Taylor Bachrach

You may know that The Portland Loo isn’t just in Portland; there are several cities around the globe that host…...
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Closeup of cute little 12 months-old-toddler-baby-girl-child-sitting-on-potty.-Kid-playing-with-big-plush-soft-toy-cm

The Portland Loo’s 5 Favorite Potty Training Songs

You may have heard about Portland’s famous stand-alone bathroom, The Portland Loo, which was designed in cooperation with city staff…...
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Portland Loo

The Portland Loo Versus Other City Toilets

The Portland Loo was designed in cooperation with the city of Portland to keep the city clean and discourage crime.…...
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How Portland is Adjusting to the Growing Population

According to estimates from the Population Research Center at Portland State University, Oregon added 54,200 new residents during the year…...
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Portland Loo in the park-cm

A Public Toilet Made For Maintenance

No matter where we go, people love the sleek modern look of the Portland Loo, which is actually the result…...
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Sunlight shines on the buildings of Manhattan with crowds of people in New York City-cm

Why 24-Hr Bathrooms Help Keep the City Healthy

Access to safe public restrooms are vital to a city’s cleanliness and health. The bottom line is that any city…...
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Things You Might See on the Sidewalks of Portland

We’re proud that we were able to work with Portland City staff and officials to develop The Portland Loo, which…...
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