5 Reasons We Love The Loo’s Steel Paneled Walls

The Portland Loo is a public bathroom developed by the City of Portland to keep the city clean and discourage illicit activity. That means we had to make the bathroom itself as clean and crime-free as possible too, so that everyone feels safe to use it. And one of the features that does that best is the heavy-gauge stainless steel wall panels. Here are just 5 ways the steel walls help to make the Portland Loo, and your city, clean and crime-free:

They’re Almost Indestructible

The heavy-gauge stainless steel wall panels are strong and yet lightweight. City maintenance staff knows well the damage that can be done to the door and walls of a typical public restroom, and the Portland Loo’s steel walls make it almost impossible to break in or even make a dent in them!

They’re Anti-Graffiti

Everyone’s seen the graffiti that splashes the walls of any public restroom. However, the steel panels of the Portland Loo have a clear powdered coating that makes them graffiti-proof both inside and outside!

They’re Easy To Clean

Because of the clear coating, they’re super easy to clean with a hose. And it’s easy to repaint with an aerosol can of the exact color, if the walls are still in good condition but just need a fresh coat. If there’s any scratches, they can be buffed out with a light sandpaper before reapplying the coating to make them brand new again.

They’re Interchangeable

The dimensions of the panels haven’t changed since we designed it over 10 years ago. Combined with the modular nature of the design, this means that if one panel does get badly scratched or dinged, it’s easy for the City of Portland to update and exchange only those areas with new panels (and we’re proud to say we’ve never actually had to replace a panel!).

They Give Us A Recognizable Design

The Portland Loo has a very unique look! The sleek modern shape exists because of the rounded steel panels that create it. We’re proud that no matter where you go, you will recognize a Portland Loo.


Thanks to the steel walls and many other great features, The Portland Loo offers high durability and a unique blend of privacy and security.  And at a fraction of the cost of most current stand-alone city restroom models! If you’re interested in The Portland Loo for your city, transit, or park, please give us a call for more details and pricing.