New Green Innovations In Toilets

When The Portland Loo was designed with the primary goal of having a lasting solution that would keep the city clean and discourage crime, one of the many solutions for that was to have the hand-washing feature on the exterior. This deters anyone from lingering too long inside the restroom washing their body or clothing – but this feature also helps to make it better for the environment as well!! The Portland Loo also has an option for being solar powered, so that it can be installed almost anywhere. But since it was designed 10 years ago, there have been some new innovations in


Turd-Eating Worms

There are several different toilets around the world that are using real worms to help with the waste. That’s right, water and electricity are not needed because these worms eat the waste and clear out the smell! This one in Canada can be flushed 10,000 times without any maintenance, dropping the long-term costs.


Peepoo Bag

These bags are more of a travelling latrine, because they can go with you anywhere! With 40% of the world’s population not able to access a toilet, they’re also a super affordable solution for low-income cities and countries. This is because they are basically a single-use bag that people can use to ‘go’ in, which then turns into pathogen-free fertilizer that can be buried into the ground to help plants grow.


Conveyor Belt Potty

There are new toilets that utilize a conveyor belt in the toilet! One in France uses the belt to take poop to area back behind the bathroom, helping with smell while also helping the earth by creating compost pile where the poop get’s dropped.


Sol-Char System

Developed by a team of researchers at the University of Colorado, this self-sustaining toilet doesn’t need water! It instead uses concentrated solar power to turn waste into char – which is an orderless composite that can be used for fuel, or for soil fertilization.


Nano Membrane

This toilet is under development by Cranefield University in the UK. Without water, the waste gets transported into a gasifier which turns them into ash and energy – which can be used for charging mobile phones or other low voltage powered items.


If you’re looking for a green, clean, and secure bathroom that’s proven to last and keep your city healthy, give The Portland Loo a call. We offer high durability along with our sustainable options at a fraction of the cost of most current stand-alone city restroom models. We’d be happy to provide more details and pricing.