Who Most Benefits From Public City Toilets Like The Loo

The city of Portland is ahead of the curve in many ways, one of which is to come up with a solution for public bathrooms that serves many different community sectors. City staff helped design the Portland Loo to keep the city clean and discourage crime, and the self-contained solution does that and more for all walks of life! Here are just some of the city populations that benefit from the Portland Loo:


Maintenance Staff

It’s easy for the city to maintain because the supplies are self-contained in The Portland Loo. There’s a cabinet of cleaning supplies inside, and the stainless steel wall panels that have a graffiti-proof coating, which also make them easier to quickly wash down. The plumbing and building components are commonly used by cities so they’re easy to find or upgrade, with parts that are interchangeable if damaged or needing updates.


Homeless Population

The homeless population in Portland is increasing 10% each year, and the city is just catching up with creative housing, and shelters aren’t always available or even the best solution. The homeless need a place to take care of business, and without a public city bathroom the options are unsanitary – plus they risk getting a ticket or exposing themselves. The Portland Loo offers them a place to go that stays secure and clean enough for both the general public and homeless to utilize often.



The elderly folks have health issues that many of the younger generations don’t quite understand yet. They may need a restroom quickly due to a lack of bodily control or medications. It’s not only embarrassing for them, but also is extremely unsanitary for the public. Public restrooms like the Loo that are readily available right on the street are a much needed solution.


Runners and Bikers

People are much more likely to be active out in the city if there is a clean safe public restroom on their route. Whether they’re jogging, walking, or biking, the health of the individual and the city is increased when they have a reliable place to ‘go.’


Tourists and Visitors

Safe public restrooms encourage tourism, making people more likely to feel comfortable visiting parks and other city attractions when they know that they won’t have to search all over for a bathroom. Plus, it’s not fair to rely on businesses like McDonalds and Starbucks for public options. The Loo is helping to keep visitor destinations so safe and clean!


Truly, everyone in Portland benefits from the little public restroom, because it helps keep the city safe and crime-free. Plus the design has also earned the city’s first patent – so Portland gets a percent of the profit with each one sold! If you’re looking for a restroom solution, The Portland Loo is a great public restroom solution for any city or organization. Contact us for more details and pricing!