Public Bathroom Essentials What you absolutely need to bring with you when you “go” outside your home.

As we re-emerge into public spaces again after COVID quarantine, we’re probably going to be using public bathrooms more often again – both in our hometown, as well as other places we can’t wait to visit. And if you’re lucky you’ll find a Loo there too! We’re in cities all over the world, just look for the silver rounded steel walls and grating on top and bottom. No matter where you go, here are some good tips for any visit to the public restroom:

Hand Sanitizer

If there’s one thing that you want to bring with you to the public restroom, this is it. Remember that the chances of getting disease in a public restroom are slim, but hand sanitizer is indeed handy in case there’s no running water or if the bathroom is out of soap. It can also be used to wipe down toilet seats and faucet handles in case you’re really a germaphobe. Let’s be honest, it’s useful even if you’re just going to the grocery store or any public place really. We get it, we’re all a little more cautious than we were before! Better safe than sorry.

Toilet Paper

People around the world appreciate a good roll of toilet paper now, if we didn’t before, due to the recent pandemic. Thus, you may always want to carry a small supply with you, even if you’re just running errands around your hometown. Some countries, like China and Korea, don’t commonly have toilet paper available, so if you’re traveling there, you’ll definitely want to keep a small roll in your backpack or purse. A baggie full of Kleenex or baby wipes in your pocket would also do the trick if you’re traveling light!


If you haven’t heard of it, this stuff is the greatest. You simply spray this deodorizer into the toilet bowl before you go #2, and it helps to keep the smell contained. Now, you might be thinking why should I worry about a smell in a public bathroom? Well, it depends upon the bathroom, and the situation, of course! For example, if you’re at yoga class, and there’s only one bathroom for the entire class and the door to the bathroom opens to the studio, you’ll be thanking us for telling you about this best-smeller. They have smaller travel size bottles too.


Not really needed in most bathrooms around here, there are places, such as Paris and Amsterdam where you’ll need to pay for the privilege of using a public restroom. Other countries might charge for the toilet paper or other toiletries – or some have an attendant there that keeps the bathroom clean and supplied, so be prepared with some coin to tip for their services.

Paper Towels

The research shows that drying your hands with paper towels is much better at limiting the spreading of germs than using an air dryer, so bring a few with you if you’re concerned! They can also be used to protect your fingers from germs as you flush the toilet or flip on the faucet. Plus you never know, they might hoarded as much as toilet paper has been, and you’ll hate to be caught with wet hands if they’re out of supply!

Even though The Portland Loo is usually stocked well with toilet paper, soap, and paper towels, it still helps to have a backup of these items with you no matter what public bathroom you’re in. Especially if you’re traveling! And if you’re looking for an affordable, clean, and secure bathroom like the Portland Loo for your city or organization, contact us through the Portland Loo website and we’ll be happy to go over the specs and other details with you.