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The Downsides of Conventional Public Restrooms (And How The Loo Solves Them)

Public restrooms get a bad wrap despite offering an essential public service. City officials and taxpayers in charge of purchasing…...
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How to Ask “Where’s the Bathroom?” When Travelling

The Portland Loo is available in over 20 locations throughout the city for tourists and locals alike! If you’ve done…...
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Longing for the Loo? Tips to Help Bring One to Your City

The Loo’s unique features, one-of-a-kind design, and impressive track record generate a lot of enthusiasm among concerned citizens looking for…...
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How The Portland Loo Makes for a More Sustainable City

How do public restrooms impact sustainability? Not many people consider this question yet these facilities play a considerable role in…...
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The Keys to Community Activism

Top 5 Tips to Get Your Neighborhood to Support a New The Portland Loo Enacting any kind of a social…...
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The Role of the News Media

Building broad-based public support is critical to any effort to enact political or policy changes. There are all kinds of…...
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Understanding How Public Works Can Help

Let’s say that you’ve decided to try and bring The Portland Loo to your town. What are the best ways…...
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How the Loo Can Help Non-Profits Make a Difference-cm

How the Loo Can Help Non-Profits Make a Difference

Non-profits want to help as many people as possible which is much easier said than done. When it comes to…...
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Why City Managers Love the Loo-cm

Why City Managers Love the Loo

City managers fulfill the crucial role of working with various departments in a city government to make sure things run…...
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The Loo is the Perfect Restroom for Transit Managers Here’s Why-cm

The Loo is the Perfect Restroom for Transit Managers: Here’s Why

Transit managers are in charge of making it as smooth and easy as possible for people to get from Point…...
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