The Downsides of Conventional Public Restrooms (And How The Loo Solves Them)

Public restrooms get a bad wrap despite offering an essential public service. City officials and taxpayers in charge of purchasing and maintaining these facilities complain about the exorbitant costs, challenging upkeep, and criminal activities. People who actually use the restrooms even have their fair share of grips such as lack of cleanliness and low quality. The Loo is on a mission to redefine how everyone sees public restrooms by solving the issues caused by conventional public restrooms.

Initial Cost

City budgets always seem to be strained, making city officials notoriously reluctant to sign off on new investments, even when it comes to public amenities. The unjustifiably high cost of many traditional restroom facilities has caused many cities to dismiss the possibility of new restrooms offhand. The Portland Loo is changing how cities feel about public restrooms by offering an affordable facility that doesn’t sacrifice any quality, durability, or safety. This lower cost is achieved through the use of simple materials, low-budget manufacturing, and easier maintenance…which leads us to our next point.

Expensive Maintenance

Initial costs aren’t the only expenses associated with public restrooms. City leaders are well aware of the amount of maintenance and upkeep required following the installation of a new public restroom. As the first public restroom option specifically designed with maintenance teams in mind, the Portland Loo solves this problem altogether. Its simplistic and durable design makes it a cinch to clean which saves cities on resources and manpower. On the off-chance a part needs to get replaced, the parts are affordable and easy to source.

Criminal Behavior

It seems inevitable that public restrooms become a hotbed for seedy behavior not long after being installed. Every major city has a similar horror story about how a public restroom investment simply became a magnet for criminal activity. The issue is that most public facilities are designed to maximize privacy for occupants which ends up getting taken advantage of by malefactors. The Loo is uniquely designed to deter criminal activity with its graffiti-resistant walls and grated design.

Ugly Appearance

It might seem like a petty objection to an essential facility, but aesthetics play an important role in the acceptance of a public restroom. The standard public facility stands out like a sore thumb whether it’s placed in a park, business district, or residential area. The Loo fights against the misconception that public restrooms have to be an eyesore. Its unique, sleek, and modern design look great no matter where it’s placed. It compliments a wide range of architectural styles without being a distraction. No matter where you put the Loo, it’s going to add to the overall appeal of the location instead of detracting from it.

Resource Waste

Public restrooms require an abundance of energy, water, and other resources to operate optimally…or do they? The Portland Loo is the public restroom of the future due to its environmentally friendly and sustainable design. It’s built with fewer plastics and other non-renewable resources to keep Mother Nature intact. On top of that, the Loo uses less water and electricity than the standard public restroom. Cities can even get a solar panel installed on top of their Loos to take advantage of solar energy.

Limited Lifespan

Many city officials see public restrooms as bottomless financial pits due to their limited lifespans. It’s not uncommon for cities to have to remove and replace facilities just a few years after making the initial investment due to deterioration. In reality, conventional public restrooms simply aren’t built to withstand public use. That’s another thing that makes the Loo unique. This highly durable and virtually indestructible restroom has been designed to survive even the most harmful forms of misuse. We’re not exaggerating when we say the Loo can last for over 100 years.

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