How the Portland Loo Makes for a More Sustainable City

Sustainability has become an important theme for city planners over the past few decades. When tasked with investing in new projects or services, there’s nearly always a discussion about how the move will impact the environment and what can be done to mitigate this effect. While some of the practical and more obvious advantages of the Portland Loo are well-known, many might be surprised to realize that this public restroom facility can actually greatly increase a city’s sustainability. Here, we’ll take a look at some ways the Portland Loo can help cities become more eco-friendly.

The Portland Loo can be powered by solar energy.

While other public restroom options end up siphoning a disproportionate amount of energy from a city’s overall capacity, the Portland Loo is capable of running solely on renewable energy. Each unit comes with high-quality and powerful solar panels attached to the roof which effectively pull energy from the sun and convert it into power. This energy independence makes it possible to install a Loo off-grid. Even if the Loo is hooked up to a power source though, it can still utilize energy from its solar panels while using low-level volt power. When compared to other models, the Portland Loo is unsurpassed in its energy-efficiency and energy sustainability. This helps cities cut down on energy expenses while reducing emissions.

Fewer resources have to be put towards cleaning city streets.

One of the clear advantages of the Portland Loo is decreasing the amount of public “going” that occurs by providing residents and visitors with a dignified place to use the restroom at all times. However, a correlated benefit to this solution is a reduction in public urination and defecation. As a result, cities have to spend less time, energy, money, and resources on cleaning their streets and sidewalks every day. All of the water, soap, and electricity used to carry out these involved and routine cleaning projects adds up over time.

It’s designed to last longer than other lower-quality models.

The Portland Loo might look austere and uninviting at first glance, but it’s this unique design that makes it so sustainable. In tandem with the City of Portland, Madden Construction took a minimalistic approach when designing the Loo in order to come up with a public restroom option that is long-lasting, highly durable, and affordable. While cities have to waste valuable resources and money repairing or even replacing other models, the Portland Loo remains a sustainable, low-cost, and low-maintenance option. It’s designed with heavy-duty stainless steel walls that can withstand decades of use.

The Loo is set up to reduce the use of water.

The Loo’s hand-washing station is strategically located on the outside of the unit instead of on the inside where most other public restroom designs place it. While this might seem like an awkward design at first, its location was very intentional. People can still wash their hands even when someone is using the restroom. Furthermore, this setup discourages people from spending too long inside the Loo. Perhaps the most advantageous feature comes in the form of energy efficiency. With an outside hand-washing station that anyone can access, users are deterred from using too much water.

It has proof of concept.

Many city councils are hesitant to invest in public restroom options for the very purpose of remaining sustainable. After a few bad experiences throwing away time, money, and resources on lower-quality models, many cities swear off this public facility despite their city’s lack of restrooms. Having found a permanent home in dozens of cities across the country and even some in Canada, the Portland Loo has already proven itself to be a worthwhile investment. By reducing the amount of troubleshooting city councils have to do, the Loo cuts down on the resources that go to waste when testing out other poorly-built public restrooms.

Whether you’re on the city council, a local business owner, or just a concerned citizen who wants to bring a sustainable public restroom option to your area, feel free to reach out to us to learn more about the Portland Loo.