The Portland Loo Works 24/7 For You

Personnel worked with The City of Portland to help keep the city clean and crime-free with a better solution for public restrooms. They determined that the restroom needed to be open 24 hours a day – so that populations of all kinds could use it at any time. This relieved businesses from having to provide restrooms to non-patrons during the day – as well as nightclubs and fast food restaurants in the middle of the night. When bathrooms are available and free to use, it relieves messes and health hazards throughout the area. Here are some of the reasons why The Portland Loo is a great solution 24/7:

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The Loo has Secure Walls

The wall panels are made of heavy-gauge stainless steel. This makes them extremely durable and resist corrosion. They’re covered with a coating that helps make them graffiti-proof and super easy to clean. And even though you can replace any of the individual panels if they get damaged, scratched or dented, we haven’t had to do that in the 10 years since we installed the first Loo in Portland!


The Loo is Safe and Private.

There’s open grates at the bottom and top of the Loo. That means it’s easy to be monitored at any time of day or night. It’s easy for police and security staff to see if there’s activity going on inside the Loo – even with a quick drive-by. Yet each occupant still has the privacy where it matters in order to use the facility without worry. And with the hand-washing feature on the exterior, nobody should linger too long inside the restroom, which means others can get in to use it faster.


The Loo Has Intelligent Lighting

The Portland Loo has motion sensor lights inside that light up when you go inside, while the outside light turns off, to let others from the outside know right away if anyone is inside. There’s a small translucent skylight at the top of the Loo, which gives plenty of light during the day. There are also purple lights inside, which sometimes mistaken for a fancy feature – but actually deter intravenous drug use, as the hue makes it difficult to find your veins.


The Loo can be Solar Powered

Right next to the skylight at the top of the Loo are some integrated solar panels, which are used to power the LED fixtures inside. Thus the unit can be powered entirely by solar power, or in combination with low level volt power. The solar panels use minimal utilities and lowers the monthly cost when powered entirely by solar power – or can also be used in combination with low level volt power.


The Loo is Made for Everyone

And because it’s a single stall, it’s gender neutral and is great for all population segments. It has advantages for parents, tourists, runners, and all walks of life! The homeless population has a place to go, and a family can feel to use it too. And it can handle the traffic from all – about 300 flushes per day, which is comparable to an airport restroom!


The Loo is Easily Cleaned

Because the Loo has a self-contained cleaning cabinet inside, it can be cleaned easily by maintenance staff at any hour. There’s storage for the hose in the utility closet too – which makes for quick cleanings as needed.


If you need a durable and inexpensive solution to reducing crime and waste in your parks, transit stations, or other populated areas at all times of the day and night, contact the Portland Loo for more details and pricing.