The Portland Loo Is Ready “To Go”

Before The Loo, the population in Portland didn’t have a public restroom that was open 24 hours a day with full public access. Since designing and installing the Portland Loo, the city has been able to prevent waste throughout public and tourist areas, as well as the spread of disease with the stylish and sleek silver rounded restroom. It was created to prevent problems that are commonly experienced with public toilets – such as vandalism, illegal drug use or prostitution. And, one of the best things about the Loo is that it’s up and ready to be installed and utilized just about anywhere, quickly and easily! Here’s some of the reasons why it’s ‘ready to go”:


Small Footprint

The Portland Loo has a smaller footprint than most buildout restrooms, which allows it to be put right on a sidewalk, in park, or small corner of a property just about anywhere.


Quick Installation

The Loo is very easy for cities and organizations to install. As long as there’s proper plumbing and a prepared foundation with footings in place – a crane can simply lower the prefabricated restroom to install it onto the foundation that’s prepared.


Multiple Gender Use

Because it’s a single use bathroom, you don’t have to worry about including stalls for all genders – it’s gender neutral!  And even though it’s made for single use – it’s big enough for more than one person at a time can occupy it if a parent or a family needs to use it with their children together if they wanted to.


Doesn’t Need Electricity

The Portland Loo also has an option for being solar powered, so that it can be installed in unique places, such as a transportation hub or stop that might not have a nearby building or lines with electricity access.


Versatile Design

We hear that people just love the stainless steel look, which has a timeless feeling that ties in well with just about any existing architecture or area.


Self-Contained Cleaning

It’s easy for any city or organization to maintain because the cleaning supplies are self-contained in a cabinet inside the unit. Plus, the stainless steel wall panels have a graffiti-proof coating, which also makes them easier to quickly wash down.


Replaceable Parts

The plumbing and building components are commonly used by cities so they’re easy to find or upgrade, with parts that are interchangeable if damaged or needing updates.


The City of Portland is proud of the longstanding proven success of their little freestanding public restroom. There’s no question that the Portland Loo is indeed ready to go – for any city or organization! Contact us for more details and pricing.