Longing for the Loo? Tips to Help Bring One to Your City

When the Portland Loo was first produced in its namesake city, the intention was to solve a local problem. As it turned out, this was an issue faced by cities across the country…and the continent. After seeing Portland’s success with the Loo, other places started to take notice. Soon, this bathroom phenomenon became a hot commodity with installations stretching all the way from the west to the east coast, down into Texas, and even across the border into Canada. If you’ve been longing for a Loo in your city, here’s some actionable advice you can take to make it a reality.

Get informed.

Before you can start effectively convincing others about installing a Loo, you have to make sure you’re equipped with as much information as possible. You can start by reading about the Portland Loo’s main advantages, including its steel-panel walls, safe design, and 24-hour availability. If you’ve already done your research, a quick review can keep these highlights top-of-mind. Learning about success stories in other cities is also an excellent resource to use when brushing up on the Loo’s why-factor.

Get active.

When you’re confident in the decision, it’s time to spread the word about the Loo. Connect with local groups who could support your efforts. Homeless advocacy groups might be interested in the Loo to provide a dignified place for those without homes to use the restroom. Business districts might be motivated to keep the streets and sidewalks around their buildings clean and pristine. Even local shops might be tired of having to open up their private restrooms to the public due to a lack of viable facilities in the area. The more people that get behind the idea, the better chances you have of making it a reality. At this point, you should also be reaching out to your city council or anyone in charge of making the decision – which leads us to our next point.

Get specific.

Mayors, city councilmembers, and other local decision-makers – who are essentially the gatekeepers in the process of installing a Loo – have a lot on their plates. To ensure your proposal is taken seriously and actively considered, you should strive to be as specific as possible. Local leaders will be more willing to approve a well-thought-out proposal that has a clear path towards achievement. Here’s some information you should have baked into your presentation:

  • Where the Portland Loo should be installed
  • What current problems the city is facing due to a lack of viable public restrooms
  • Why other facilities fall short in providing a solution
  • How much government money is being spent to solve issues caused by a lack of public facilities (i.e. picking up waste, cleaning, sanitizing, etc.)
  • How much money could be saved in the long-run by avoiding these costs

When convincing local decision-makers, it’s all about positioning the Loo as a solution to a problem, which it is! We can help provide you with some of the information you’ll need for this section of the process.

Get in touch.

At the Portland Loo, we love to hear from concerned citizens, public activists, and all-around do-gooders who are fighting to bring a viable public restroom facility to their hometown. While we can’t do the bidding on your behalf, we can certainly support you in the process. Whether you need information about the Loo to arm yourself with an unbeatable argument, hard numbers for installation and maintenance costs, findings from cities that currently have the Loo, or just some moral support, we’re here for you!

The Portland Loo was designed by the city, for the city. It offers a solution to an age-old problem in a modern way. If you’re interested in learning more about the Loo and what it can offer your town or city, feel free to contact us. We’ll be happy to answer any questions you might have.