Why The Portland Loo Is A Safer Bathroom

The Portland Loo is proud to have worked with the City of Portland to design a public bathroom that makes a variety of different community members to feel safe to use. From out-of-town visitors to bicyclists, runners, and the homeless population – the Loo can be used by all sectors. Due to the nature of being single-use that’s big enough for a family, everyone from kids to women to transgenders can feel safe when they have to go! Everyone should be able to have full and fair access to restroom facilities, and here is why Portland Loo is one of the safest options:


Open Grating

A common concern with public toilets is that the users might have an opportunity to participate in criminal activity, such as drug use or prostitution, rather than just using it to relieve their bladder. The open grating at the bottom and top allows law enforcement and security personnel to observe how many people are inside – even with a quick drive by – and yet the occupant still has complete privacy. The grating also allows for conversations or other sounds to be heard easily right outside as well.


No Glass

There’s no mirror inside the Loos, so there’s no glass that can be smashed or broken. In fact, most parts are really difficult to damage, including the heavy-gauge stainless steel wall panels that are super strong and practically indestructible! And we’re continually working with maintenance staff to find new solutions on things that need improving – such as door knobs, the flush handle, and more. We welcome new ideas from city personnel and other organizations that have installed the Loo, and have tried them to make the Loo even better!


Outside Hand-Washing

Another problem that public restrooms have often experienced is that the sink becomes a place for the homeless population to wash clothing or body parts, which also extends their occupancy and can make others uncomfortable to use it right after. The Portland Loo has the hand-washing feature on the exterior, which prevents inside washing and deters anyone from lingering too long inside the restroom, welcoming a variety of populations to use it! The outside hand-washing feature also means that more people can use it in a quicker time period, making it great for high traffic areas.

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Locks and Lights

It’s easy for law enforcement and security personnel to tell right away if anyone is inside the Loo, because there is a motion sensor that makes the lights go on inside, and automatically turns off the light on the outside. Anyone walking or driving by knows if it’s occupied!  Every city or organization has a master key, so that safety personnel can get into the restroom in emergency situations. The bathroom has also blue lights, which has been mistaken for a fancy feature – but they are meant to deter intravenous drug use because the blue hue makes it difficult to find blood veins.


Easy Cleaning

Each Portland Loo has a self-contained cleaning cabinet, so it’s simple for maintenance staff to go in and quickly clean them. And the stainless steel walls are easy to hose down as well. All of this means that they’re more inviting and populated – creating safety in numbers. Plus clean public bathrooms are a key factor in keeping disease like Hepatitis A is being spread, which keeps us all safer and healthier!

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The Portland Loo has been keeping the city clean and crime-free for over a decade. In fact, the first Loo in Portland was installed over 10 years old, is still in use, and looks new! This helps to keep it attractive to all populations, and the more people that are seen using it, the safer they feel to do the same. If you’re looking for a safe bathroom solution for your city or organization – give us a call if interested in getting a quote or more details!