The LOO Gives Cities More Bang for Their Bathroom Buck

Local elected leaders are always looking for ways to trim their cities’ budgets or searching for opportunities to shift finances around for demanding projects. Unfortunately, public restrooms are inevitably one of the first expenses on the chopping block. That’s one of the reasons public facilities are so scarce nowadays.

The Portland Loo is on a cost-saving mission to reduce the financial burdens of public restrooms so city offices have no choice but to give the public what it deserves: clean, safe, and viable places to use the restroom in public. There are several concrete ways the Loo is helping cities cut back while still serving their communities.

Low Maintenance

The Portland Loo is the first public restroom designed for the city instead of the users. In other words, the Loo’s one-of-a-kind setup with minimal parts and relatively austere appearance contributes to easy maintenance. Its stainless steel walls and toilet prevent damage and fight off graffiti. The lack of unnecessary adornments keeps the Loo from falling into disrepair, a fate to which most public restrooms are wholly susceptible. A unique coating placed on all parts of the Loo makes it easy and quick to clean with a hose. This strategic design means cities can save significantly on maintenance costs.

Energy Efficiency

Upfront costs and maintenance expenses are top of the mind when public officials weigh public bathroom options, but operational costs are equally deserving of consideration. These ongoing expenses play a considerable role in the overall cost of a restroom too. This is another cost-saving advantage for the Portland Loo. It’s designed to optimize water and electricity usage in various ways. For example, less water is used per flush, and the sink only allows for minimal water usage. The Loos automatic lighting system also reduces the electricity used. All these features save cities considerably on utility costs.

Affordable Repairs

Costly repairs often seal the fate of public restrooms as these unforeseen costs can take cities well over their initially intended budgets. Traditional public facilities are notorious for running up additional costs in the long run due to the sheer cost of making repairs. The root cause is the complexity of their designs. The Portland Loo flips this issue on its head by building a longer-lasting public restroom with simpler, readily available parts. On top of that, the Loo is built with fewer components than most restrooms. When a repair is needed (which is rare), the parts are easy to find and cheap to replace.

Durable Design

Understandably, city managers don’t look at the isolated cost of a single public restroom when considering the entire financial footprint. They have to take into account the number of times the facility will need to get completely replaced after running its course. After all, people aren’t going to react kindly to having an often-used public restroom simply removed without being replaced. The Loo comes to the rescue once again by providing cities with an unprecedented lifespan for a public restroom. While competing facilities might last a decade or two, the Loo is built to stand strong for over 100 years! That impressive lifespan is owed to its simple design, stainless steel material, and ingenious structuring.

Lower Cost

It’s easy to get hung up on specific prices when it comes to crunching numbers. But, at the end of the day, the Portland Loo is a lower-cost alternative to standard public restroom designs. When all the upfront, maintenance, replacement, and operational expenses are tallied up, the Loo is far and away the superior fiscal option. It’s a great solution for city managers who are looking for a way to solve their cities’ bathroom shortages while still remaining moderate spenders. The Loo provides a rare win-win scenario where city officials can please all sides of the argument.

The Portland Loo is a more affordable, sustainable, and viable public restroom option than traditional versions. If you want to learn more about the Loo and how you can bring one to your city, feel free to contact us today.