Why Potty Humor Helps Us All

Here at The Portland Loo, we’ve been the subject of some pretty funny potty jokes and puns over the years. It’s natural! If you’ve been around children, you might remember a time when they were running around yelling (or even singing!) “poopy” and “pee-pee” over and over, rolling with laughter like crazy little balls of energy. For many of us, the appreciation for potty humor has continued into adulthood. Here’s some reasons why potty humor is great for kids and adults alike:

We Learn More

When we learn something new, we rehash and reiterate the lesson in many different ways so that it really sinks in. Making jokes about potty and poo-poo when they’re learning how to use the toilet means that they’re  making sense of it, pondering on it, and figuring out all the social rules that go along with. Some of us are still learning!

Improves Communication Skills

When children are getting potty trained, it usually helps their awareness (and their caregivers!) when they’re encouraged to use their words to communicate that they have to ‘go.’ Potty humor is just an extension of that, and helps us all become more aware of our body with the ability to verbalize those feelings and needs.

Builds Social Skills

They also learn that it’s okay to talk about the potty, and when! A poop joke is probably something we don’t want to tell over the dinner table or in the classroom at school, but it can be really funny at the right time and place. That goes for us adults too!

Something to Celebrate

There’s a sense of independence and accomplishment that comes with potty training. Their new ability to recognize when and how to use the toilet is worth celebrating – and that includes the potty talk that comes with that!

Makes us happy and healthy

Studies show that kids with a developed sense of humor have higher self-esteem and are more optimistic. Laughing in general is proved to help in fighting illness and stress, and less likely to be depressed. Besides, potty humor is fun! Especially when it leads to endless giggles with our silly kids.

Brings Us Together

The bottom line (pun intended!) is that everyone goes poop. It’s a pretty universal thing to joke about because we can all relate. Being open and welcoming the conversation with humor shows that there’s nothing shameful about our body and how it works.

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