Useful Toilet Paper Roll Hacks

We are so proud that The Portland Loo has been celebrated and awarded for it’s sleek modern look and unique blend of function and security. And our Portland city maintenance finds it easy to clean with its self-enclosed supply cabinet (which they helped design!), but with over 14 locations now, we go through a lot of toilet paper rolls! We got inspired to see what useful things we could do with leftover paper rolls – and we found so many amazing and practical ideas. Here’s just a few that you can try yourself at home:

Seedling Planter

Fold the toilet paper roll into a square, and then snip along the 4 corners at the bottom. Fold them over like a box, and then tape it shut. Then fill the open end with dirt or seedling mix, plan your seeds and put into an indoor window in the spring. Or, decorate with ribbon and give as a gift! Once the seed sprouts, you can move it outside and plant the entire roll into the ground.

See example here…


Phone Stand

Press the toilet paper roll flat and put your phone across it. Mark each side on one folded edge of the roll with a pen. Then snip up and create a small hat-shaped cutout on each side. Open up the roll and slip the phone in! Stand it on it’s end, and snap – you can view or record videos or pictures hands-free easily.

See example here…

Mini Gift Box

If you have a small gift such as chocolate or cover the roll with decorative tissue paper, tape on, and trim it to fit. Fold one end by pressing on each side into a half-moon shape. Put your gift inside, and then fold in the other side similarly. Use ribbon to wrap around and secure the folded ends. The gift should look a little like a mini pillow!

See example here…

Bird Seed Feeder

This has got to be the easiest way to help your feathered friends this spring! Simply take the empty roll and spread peanut butter on it. Then roll it in bird seed and hang it up outside over a tree branch or similar.

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The toilet paper rolls are perfect for organizing a plethora of items, including electronic cords, socks, undies, napkins, pens, scarves, and so much more. Plus they’re easy to label with a sharpie right onto the roll!

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Eyeglass Case

No need to keep searching around the house for your case – just make one or two of these super quick! Just cut the toilet paper roll down the long side from end to end, so that you can lay it out as one big flat rectangle. Then wrap fabric around both sides, and glue it onto the paper roll, folding over one end. Put the two long ends together, and one of the short ends and glue them together. Use binder clips to hold in place while the glue dries!

See example here…

Portland city maintenance tells us you can count on finding full toilet paper rolls in our Portland Loos, should you need a bathroom around town. And if you If you need a durable and inexpensive solution to reducing crime and waste in your school, parks, transit stations, and other populated areas, we encourage you to consider the Portland Loo. Contact us for more information and pricing!