How The Loo Can Help Alleviate the Houseless Crisis in Your City

The United States is reeling from an epidemic of homelessness spanning across the country as over half a million citizens struggle to maintain living situations. This is a critical failure of public policy that leads to negative circumstances for everyone involved. Although a public restroom might seem wholly unrelated to the problem of houselessness, this essential public amenity actually plays an important role in improving the ramifications of the problem.

Most public restroom options fall short of their purported benefits, but the Portland Loo is on a mission to pick up the slack. The United States is reeling from an epidemic of homelessness and the essential public amenity plays an important role in implementing the ramifications of the problem. Here are some of the concrete ways the Portland Loo is addressing the growing issue of homelessness in cities across the country.

Giving everyone a place to go.

Everyone deserves a secure, viable, and accessible place to use the restroom, especially in highly populated areas. Unfortunately, there’s a shortage of public restrooms across the country which has been exacerbated over the past few years. The Portland Loo is rethinking the design, function, and purpose of public restrooms to address the typical shortcomings of traditional public restroom options. By outlasting and outperforming its counterparts, the Loo truly gives everyone a place to use the restroom in public areas which is the fulfillment of a fundamental human right.

Deterring drug use.

It’s common for public restrooms to be designed to maximize user privacy. While this might seem like an ideal design method, it inadvertently provides cover for illicit behavior which is one of the most common reasons public restrooms are closed. Criminals seek out privacy to elude public attention. The Loo solves this issue by providing the perfect amount of privacy that gives users sufficient coverage to “go” in peace while still giving the public sufficient oversight to detect any untoward behavior. It’s an ideal balance that ensures the Loo is used appropriately by everyone.

Reducing “going” in public.

When nature calls, you don’t have much of a choice. That’s why a severe lack of accessible public restrooms typically coincides with a higher rate of public urination and defecation. Houseless individuals have no alternative to public facilities, so the street becomes the only option when there are no viable public restrooms. It’s dehumanizing for individuals forced to “go” anywhere and detrimental to the public at large. Businesses suffer from reduced traffic and visitors make a mental note not to return. The Portland Loo is a highly-durable, cost-effective, and better-designed public restroom option that gives everyone a place to use the restroom so the streets stay clean.

Discouraging people from taking shelter.

Many public restrooms become unusable to the public when houseless individuals take up shelter in them. It’s an unfortunate situation that completely undermines the purpose of a public restroom facility and nullifies the significant public investment put towards it. The Loo’s grated bottom section and austere design deter people from staying inside for longer than a single bathroom use. It’s not comfortable for long stays and public officials can easily see if the facility is being misused.

Offering a place to go 24/7.

It doesn’t make any sense to offer a public restroom that’s not available around the clock, especially when it comes to accommodating houseless populations who don’t have any viable alternatives. Nature can call at any time of the day or night, but many public restrooms are closed during the night to deter criminal behavior. The Loo avoids this issue with an active crime-fighting design, allowing it to be open to the public 24/7 without sacrificing any quality or operational integrity.

The Portland Loo has already been adopted by dozens of cities across the US and even in Canada. If you’re interested in learning how you can bring a Loo to your city, feel free to contact us today. We’d be happy to answer all your questions.