Ways the Loo Benefits Municipal Landscaping Efforts

Ever wonder how downtown spaces in your town stay so clean, attractive, and welcoming? That impressive feat is in large part to your local municipal landscapers. These professionals are tasked with maintaining public outdoor spaces including parks and gardens so people can enjoy these common areas. Municipal landscapers have a number of tools for tackling this difficult job, but there’s a secret weapon that cities are starting to adopt: the Portland Loo. How could a public restroom possibly benefit municipal landscaping efforts? We’re glad you asked!

Smaller footprint.

The Portland Loo measures a modest 6 feet (1.8 m) x 10.5 feet (3.2 m), making it one of the smallest public restrooms on the market. That small footprint means landscapers have more space when designing public green areas. It’s never fun when there’s just a sliver of landscaping left after the installation of a building-sized public toilet. That means more freedom, more creativity, and more personalization for municipal landscapers. It’s a major boost to the appearance of downtown areas too since the Loo easily blends in with its surroundings.

Longer lifespan.

Municipal landscapers dedicate a lot of valuable time, energy, and resources toward making the public spaces around restrooms as attractive and functional as possible. All of this work is completely undone whenever cities decide to remove a public toilet due to rising crime or operational issues. The Portland Loo protects the efforts landscapers put into the design and maintenance of public spaces with a highly durable design. This modern restroom is built to last for over 100 years…seriously!

Easier maintenance.

The severe lack of public restrooms in the US forces people to find alternative places to “go”. Unfortunately, municipal landscapers are usually the ones stuck cleaning up the *ahem* mess from sidewalks, parks, and public landscaping. The Portland Loo eliminates this crappy part of the job by giving homeless populations, visitors, and residents a dependable restroom that’s available 24/7. This also leads to healthier green spaces since people aren’t forced to find makeshift restrooms.

Less crime.

Public urination and defecation aren’t the only threats to the upkeep of public spaces. Municipal landscapers also struggle with combatting the effects of petty crime such as loitering, graffiti, littering, and drug use. While standard public restroom designs act as safe havens for this unwanted behavior, the Portland Loo actively fights back. A one-of-a-kind design with angled louvers offers sufficient privacy for users while still maintaining public safety.

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Better looks.

Most public restrooms are…well, to put it frankly, downright ugly. They definitely don’t make it any easier for municipal landscapers to keep public spaces appealing to the eye. The Portland Loo is bucking this trend with a modern, sleek design that actually contributes to an area’s aesthetics rather than detracting. The minimalistic design makes it easy to match the surrounding landscape whether in a park, transportation hub, or business district. The colors are fully customizable too, giving landscapers plenty of flexibility and possibilities.

Higher ROI.

All public employees from the country’s largest cities to the smallest communities rely on a well-functioning government for their jobs. In other words, the more profitable the government, the more job security and potential pay municipal landscapers enjoy. Tragically, public restrooms have become notorious for bleeding public funding without offering anything in return. On the other hand, the Portland Loo gives cities more bang for their bathroom buck by delivering higher quality, a longer lifespan, and reduced operational costs. That’s better for everyone involved!

Interested in bringing the Portland Loo to your city? You’re not alone! The Loo is already in over a dozen cities and communities throughout the United States and Canada. Feel free to contact us to learn more about how this revolutionary restroom can benefit your city.