How the Portland Loo Can Promote Gender Inclusivity in Your City

Gender is an unspoken and often unconscious design constraint within cities that can make some individuals feel excluded, uncomfortable, and even unwelcomed. The Portland Loo is spearheading the movement toward a more gender-inclusive society by redefining one of the most foundational spaces in the city: the public restroom. By providing individuals of all gender expressions with a safe, dignified, and reliable public restroom, the Portland Loo can promote gender inclusivity in your city. Here’s how!

It’s a conversation starter.

Everything about the Portland Loo is designed to get people talking. From its sleek and modern design to its perfect balance between privacy and safety, this non-conforming toilet is impossible to ignore. This progressive public restroom is a great way to spark important discussions within your community about accessibility, inclusivity, and acceptance. Instead of putting these crucial discussions on the sidelines, the Loo ensures they remain front and center. It’s already generated discussion in several cities across the country. Your city could be next!

The Loo is gender-neutral.

The Portland Loo is a radically inclusive toilet. It’s designed to serve all members of the community. No matter who you are or how you identify, the Loo is an accessible, private, and safe place to use the restroom. Even the functionality is inclusive! For example, the oval shape of the toilet ensures every occupant feels comfortable and accommodated while “going”. Plus, as a single-occupancy restroom, the Portland Loo keeps users from having to worry about others. It’s unlike any public restroom you’ve ever seen…in all the best ways.

Safety is a priority.

Most traditional restrooms sacrifice safety in an attempt to optimize privacy. Not only does this put users at risk, but it also increases the likelihood a public restroom will succumb to crime. Unfortunately, a city’s most at-risk groups end up taking the brunt of it. The Portland Loo avoids this mistake by balancing personal privacy and public safety. Angled louvers on the bottom of the restroom allow passersby and city officials to detect criminal activity or untoward behavior while ensuring the user’s privacy isn’t compromised.

The Loo isn’t going anywhere.

A major concern for activists and non-profits is the temporary nature of the public discussion around gender inclusivity. Many people feel as though city officials are radio silent on this subject for 11 months out of the year until it’s “popular” again. Designed to last over 100 years (seriously!), the Portland Loo is a permanent solution to the pressing problem of restroom access for individuals of all gender expressions. No matter where the public focus swings, you can rely on the Loo to offer access and representation.

It’s available around the clock.

For many cities, the bathrooms of local businesses have become the only oasis for users needing a place to “go”. There’s been a frightening lack of public restrooms in the US for decades which hits underrepresented communities especially hard. The only issue is that businesses aren’t open all the time. The Loo is solving this problem by providing users of all identities or expressions with an accessible place to use the restroom 24/7/365. Inclusivity should never sleep which is why the Loo is open around the clock.

There’s no Loo without you!

This forward-thinking toilet is built by the city, for the city. That means you (yes, you!) are integral to bringing a Loo to your city. Non-profits, NGOs, and motivated citizens have been the primary driving force behind the adoption of Loos across the country. This bottom-up approach ensures all members of the community are represented in the process, leading to greater inclusivity and acceptance.

Interested in learning more about the Portland Loo? You’re in the right place! Please contact us to have any of your questions answered. We look forward to hearing from you!