5 Reasons Landscape Architects Love the Loo

Landscape architects have the difficult task of creating a space that maximizes functionality and elevates beauty while making people feel comfortable and accommodated at the same time. And this all has to get accomplished with a limited budget. Public restrooms are essential to allow people to “go” when nature calls, but these components threaten to throw off the harmony landscape architects work so hard to create. This is where the Portland Loo stands apart from the competition of standard public restroom options.

1.   The Loo is sleek and modern.

One of the toughest challenges landscape architects face is ensuring every element is complementary to the overall project. Anything that looks out of place can ruin the entire look no matter how amazing everything else appears. Public restrooms are a dreaded element of landscape design because of their potential to throw everything off. Landscape architects don’t have that concern when working with the Portland Loo due to its sleek and modern look. The stainless steel structure and simplistic design complement a vast array of landscape and architectural elements. It’s the perfect way to accommodate public needs without ruining the aesthetic of the project.

2.   It’s designed for maintenance.

No matter the scope of the project, landscape architects have to take maintenance requirements into account. Whether the upkeep is performed by their team or the client, it’s important to know how much cost and manpower is required to keep things looking great and running smoothly. Again, the Loo is the perfect solution due to its maintenance-friendly design. Its highly durable and graffiti-proof stainless steel walls aren’t easily damaged, the toilet and sink are built with commonly-found parts, and each component can get replaced quickly. The Loo is the first public restroom designed with maintenance in mind.

3.   It deters criminal activity.

You spend a lot of time and energy creating an aesthetic space that compliments the surrounding area whether that’s in a residential, commercial, or industrial setting. The last thing you want to do is introduce public amenities that will attract seedy behavior. Unlike more traditional restroom designs, the Portland Loo is specifically built to deter criminal activity. The grated design makes it possible for passersby and officials to see how many people are inside, the stainless steel material is graffiti-resistant, and the blue light inside fights against drug use. This is the only public restroom that can actually keep the surrounding areas safer, making your landscape project that much more attractive and accommodating.

4.   The Loo is a money saver.

As a landscape architect, client budgets are always top of mind. You have to find ways to maximize the quality of the project while still respecting financial parameters. Another reason the Portland Loo stands out from other public facilities is its money-saving qualities. It’s designed to last for over 100 years (literally!) which means you won’t have to blow limited resources on replacements. On top of that, the Loo has an energy-efficient design allowing it to use significantly less water and energy than its competitors. Even with all these perks, this leading public toilet is still significantly cheaper than more conventional options.

5.   The Loo works everywhere.

What started out as a local project in Portland has taken the country (and the world) by storm. The Loo has proven to be a highly effective, functional, and financially-sound public restroom option in a wide variety of settings. Cities across the nation find a use for the Loo in public parks, business centers, transit stations, state parks, and so many more locations. Landscape architects who work with a wide range of spaces will love the Loo’s flexibility. It doesn’t matter where it’s installed, the Loo provides everyone with a safe and clean place to “go” while keeping the surrounding area safe and clean too!

If you’re eager to learn more about the Portland Loo and why it’s the perfect public restroom, feel free to contact us. We’re happy to answer all your questions.