How the Loo Can Help Non-Profits Make a Difference

Non-profits want to help as many people as possible which is much easier said than done. When it comes to public restroom facilities, most conventional models require organizations to compromise. The Portland Loo is the perfect restroom for cities because it was specifically designed to serve the city.

The Loo is for everybody.

The Portland Loo was designed for a singular purpose: to provide all members of the city with a safe and convenient place to use the restroom. There’s no group of people who can’t use the Loo whether it’s installed in transit stations, public parks, business parks, or anywhere else. It’s completely free to use, accommodating to those with disabilities, and provides space for parents with strollers, and even makes it possible for handwashing on the outside while the restroom is occupied. 

It’s designed for the city.

The city is a challenging location to host a restroom facility, yet the place where it’s needed the most. Non-profits that are looking to maximize their positive impact need to find solutions that function optimally, successfully serving large groups of people. While other public facilities don’t have the ability to handle frequent public use, The Loo is the first public restroom facility specifically designed for the city. It’s durable, long-lasting, accommodating, and…well, perfect for the job.

The Loo is easy to maintain and clean.

A common criticism levied against public restrooms is the cost of upkeep. These high expenses make it challenging for non-profits to rally public support and encourage government action. The Portland Loo makes it significantly easier for organizations to get the key movers and shakers involved because it’s designed for maintenance. Its relatively austere, functional, and virtually indestructible build makes it easy to clean while limiting damage. Governments and organizations don’t have to spend too much on maintenance and upkeep while still providing the public and at-risk groups with the facilities they need to live healthy lives.

It’s affordable to install and operate.

Cost is one of the most challenging obstacles for non-profits that have to rely on the donations of the public or limited government budgets to achieve their goals. When organizations or businesses are investing in a public restroom, they have to consider the cost of the actual building, the cost of installation, and the cost of operation. The Loo is relatively inexpensive overall when compared to most conventional restroom options. Its basic yet accommodating design keeps expenses down while making it easy to install. Plus, its sustainable design uses less water and electricity than other competitors.

The Loo deters crime.

Unfortunately, most public restroom designs end up becoming hotbeds for seedy behavior and criminal activity because of their free access and maximum privacy. This harsh reality makes it difficult for non-profits to achieve their goal of providing essential services to the public. On the other hand, the Loo actually fights criminal activity, ensuring everyone has a safe and clean place to go. Its graffiti-proof walls limit vandalism, its outdoor sink prevents lingering, and the grated design strikes the perfect balance between safety and privacy.

The whole country loves it.

There are countless public restroom options available but most suffer from the same shortcomings. They tend to be expensive, difficult to maintain, vulnerable to crime, and susceptible to damage. The Portland Loo has been adopted across the country (and beyond) due to the advantages it offers the public over other restroom choices. It’s built to last for decades upon decades, it deters crime and unwanted activity, and it’s super affordable to maintain and operate. These are just a few of the reasons so many cities and non-profits have chosen to use the Loo.

Interested in learning more about the Portland Loo and why it’s the perfect restroom solution for cities, feel free to contact us. We’ll be happy to answer all your questions.