The Economics of Investing in a Premium Public Restroom

The pitfalls of conventional public restrooms have conditioned officials to see these facilities as costly risks rather than valuable investments. In reality, a premium public restroom can yield a variety of economic benefits for a city while meeting the hygienic needs of the population. The key is investing in a durable, cost-effective, and sustainable restroom that meets the needs of the city and the user. Let’s explore the economics of investing in The Portland Loo.

Reducing public health costs.

Alarmingly, many US cities have faced serious public health crises resulting from a lack of adequate public bathrooms. Namely, Philadelphia and San Francisco have both struggled with outbreaks of Hepatitis A spread primarily through fecal matter on the streets. Both cities were able to cease the spread by increasing the availability of public restrooms. Clearly, an investment in a viable public restroom is a boon to public health and an effective way to reduce public health costs.

Creating a positive urban image.

In 2021, nearly a million people fled from downtown areas throughout the US, and the problem isn’t going away. This massive flight decimated a lot of urban areas financially as real estate prices dropped and spending diverted to the suburbs. City centers are frantically searching for ways to curb the exodus, and many are finding out how a public restroom can be an unlikely solution. The Portland Loo leads to a more livable and accommodating city by keeping the streets clean, reducing criminal activity, beautifying local areas, and enhancing public health and comfort. This seemingly simple solution has several positive repercussions that address some of the most common reasons people leave cities.

Extending how long people spend downtown.

The sheer lack of public restrooms in downtown areas is enough to keep many visitors at bay. That represents a lot of lost revenue for city centers and businesses, especially in popular tourist destinations that rely heavily on the influx of travelers. The Loo can help by making downtown areas more comfortable and accommodating for visitors. This modern public restroom makes it easier and cheaper for cities to provide the fundamental human right of restroom availability without the typical downsides.

Protecting against vandalism and damage.

Standard public restrooms are notoriously susceptible to criminal activity which leads to inevitable damage and expensive repairs. Cities can avoid these maintenance and replacement costs by investing in the only crime-fighting toilet: The Portland Loo. Virtually indestructible stainless steel walls prevent graffiti and other forms of vandalism. Angled louvers strike a perfect balance between privacy and safety to prevent squatting or untoward behavior. A single-occupancy design with an external sink keeps users moving while still getting the job done.

Attracting business investments.

Local businesses suffer significant losses when cities fail to provide sufficient restroom facilities. With no public options, people are forced to seek relief at local businesses, placing an unfair and costly burden on private properties.  Another disastrous consequence is increased public defecation that disproportionately affects local businesses. This decreases foot traffic, drives down property values, and scares away businesses. The Portland Loo contributes to an environment where companies can thrive, leading to an increase in business investments and greater economic stability for the entire area.

Promoting urban revitalization.

The combined influx of long-term residents, business investments, and visitors can spark an urban revitalization in city centers in desperate need of a population and economic boom. The Portland Loo solves the foundational issues facing cities such as public safety and health that have been crippling city centers. Instead of throwing money at short-sighted solutions that only scratch the surface, the Loo gives cities a sustainable and practical way to address these challenges comprehensively, enhancing the livability, attractiveness, and overall quality of urban life.

Looking for an economic boost through public restrooms? The Loo can help! Find out how you can bring one to your city or feel free to contact us if you have any additional questions. We look forward to hearing from you!