Create a More Beautiful City with The Portland Loo

When you think of ways to make a city more beautiful, a public toilet is probably the last thing that springs to mind. Sure, a restroom can make a city more accommodating and even healthier, but how does it make a city look better? Surprisingly, in a lot of ways!

Cleaner streets

Cities across the US are struggling with steadily increasing rates of homelessness. This harsh reality combined with a severe lack of public restrooms leaves disaffected populations with few choices when looking for a place to go. Inevitably, people end up having to use makeshift restrooms in alleyways, parks, and other public areas which severely detract from a city’s appeal. The Portland Loo helps cities limit public urination and defecation by meeting the public’s sanitation needs. It’s available 24/7 so anyone and everyone can answer the call whenever Mother Nature rings. That means cleaner streets and a healthier city.

Reduced crime

Crime has a corrosive effect on the areas it occurs. It scares away everyday citizens and increases the likelihood of more illicit behavior. Ironically, many public restrooms become hotbeds for criminal activity due to their closed-off designs. Luckily, there’s a crime-fighting public restroom that’s flushing away the issue. The Portland Loo has a few tricks up its sleeve:

  • Angled Louvers – Gives users sufficient privacy while allowing public officials to catch illegal activity
  • Blue Light – Makes it harder for intravenous drug users to find veins to reduce substance abuse
  • Stainless Steel Walls – Prevents graffiti and major damage through various forms of vandalism

These seemingly simple designs play a crucial role in making sure people only “go” when visiting the restroom.

Increased budgets

City officials are responsible for finding a way to get as much done as possible on a limited budget. That’s why so many leaders remain skeptical about the merit of public restrooms since so many end up becoming cost-prohibitive. This Loo is blowing the lid off this misconception by offering a cost-effective bathroom solution that actually helps cities get more bang for their bathroom buck. This potty is designed to last for a century, it’s cheap to maintain, and it uses minimal energy and water to operate. All that saved money can be put towards beautification projects throughout the city. Bigger parks, newer biking lanes, better street lighting – the possibilities are endless!

Better design

While most public restrooms don’t look good anywhere, the Portland Loo is designed to look great everywhere. It sports a modern, sleek, and minimalist design that can easily complement any space. Whether your city needs a toilet in a business district, transport station, shopping center, or public park, you can rely on the Loo to add to the area’s aesthetic appeal. Gone are the days when cities have to try and hide their shameful public restroom options. Cities across the US and Canada are flaunting the Loo with pride. Some places have even come back for seconds… and thirds!

More customization

Every city has a unique atmosphere that is reflected and reinforced in its architecture. Oftentimes, public restrooms disrupt this consistency due to design limitations and a sheer lack of imagination. The Loo breaks with this restrictive trend by offering a fully customizable color scheme. Whether your city wants a bold red, bright yellow, understated gray, or any other hue, the Loo has you covered! That personalization makes it easier than ever to bring public restrooms within the overall design concept of cities. Plus, there’s even advertising space for cities looking for an extra source of income.

Interested in bringing a Loo to your city? You’re in the right place! Feel free to contact us to learn more about this revolutionary public restroom and how it can help improve your city’s appearance. We look forward to hearing from you.