The Toilet of the Future is Here! How the Loo Prepares Cities for Tomorrow

Welcome to the future of sanitation! You probably don’t think about toilets when imagining the technological advancements of tomorrow. However, this crucial amenity plays a hidden yet critical role in the development of any society. By giving everybody a safe, accommodating, and long-lasting place to go, the Portland Loo is expanding the places societies can go in the future. Let’s explore some ways this forward-thinking restroom is preparing cities for tomorrow.

Budget-friendly operation. 

It’s no secret that things are getting progressively more expensive which makes it harder for cities to meet the needs of all citizens…especially in the future. Leaders shouldn’t have to cut back on public amenities just to meet budgetary demands. The Portland Loo puts more money in the pockets of cities while still meeting sanitation needs. How? Great question! This innovative toilet reduces spending on maintenance with its durable and self-sustaining design. Plus, cities naturally spend less on street cleanup and sanitation when everyone has a place to go. The Loo’s minimal energy demands also translate to fewer expenses.

Sanitation for all.

Public restrooms fulfill a human right by giving everyone access to clean water and facilities. The Loo makes it easier for cities to fulfill this promise with its gender-neutral and ADA-compliant design. This accommodating restroom serves anyone and everyone without discrimination or bias which makes for a more inclusive future where all members of society have what they need. It might seem like a small gesture at first, but this level of acceptance has ripple effects that reach throughout society.

Modern, minimalist appearance.

As trends come and go, cities are constantly undergoing changes in appearance. This becomes a problem for public amenities which quickly become out of date due to their static design. The Loo’s minimalist and versatile appearance avoids this issue because it fits in perfectly with any architectural concept. Whether you need it in a residential area, urban setting, business district, transport hub, or park, the Loo will adapt easily to the evolution of your city’s appearance. If you really want to get fancy, the color of this stylish restroom is completely customizable to meet any city’s needs.

Future-proof concept.

The Portland Loo doesn’t just look futuristic. A quick lift of the lid reveals a plethora of forward-thinking features. Its powder-coated walls are resistant to graffiti and other forms of vandalism, keeping the space clean and accessible. The open louvers strike the perfect balance between personal privacy and public safety so the Loo continues to fulfill the needs of the citizen and the city. There are even specially designed blue lights that deter drug use by making it harder to find veins.

Sustainable features.

Cities across the US are suffering from the repercussions of climate change and are eagerly looking for ways to minimize their carbon footprints. The Loo helps city officials meet their sustainability goals for a greener, more eco-friendly tomorrow. It uses less water and electricity than standard models and even has add-on solar panels for completely renewable, off-grid use. Additionally, all the components of the Loo are affordable and easy to maintain.

Durable design.

The future is a long time, but the Portland Loo is up to the task. It’s constructed with virtually indestructible stainless steel which withstands even the most aggressive misuse. In fact, this durable restroom has the wherewithal to stick around for 100 years. You heard that right! The Loo is ready to serve your city for decades and decades. In the rare event the Loo is damaged, its modular design makes it easy to swap out a single part without having to rip out and replace the whole thing.

Eager to bring a Loo to your city? You’re in the right place! Contact us to learn more about what makes this future-proof potty so amazing.