Public Restroom Failures & How Your City Can Avoid Them with the Loo

Cities have a love-hate relationship with public restrooms. And who can blame them? On the one hand, it’s convenient and necessary to have a place where everyone can “go”. But, at the same time, public restrooms are associated with a host of downsides. The silver lining? These porcelain pitfalls are avoidable! Let’s explore the most common public restroom failures and how your city can overcome them with the Loo.

Energy draining

The rapid onset of climate change is forcing cities to look for various ways to reduce their carbon footprint. Although public restrooms have a reputation for demanding high levels of energy, the Loo actually makes for a more sustainable city. It’s equipped with low voltage electricity, low flow toilets, and LED lights. Cities can even have their Loos equipped with solar panels for off-grid operation.

Money wasting

Contrary to popular belief, cities don’t have to flush money down the toilet when investing in public amenities. In fact, they don’t even have to settle for breaking even. Investing in the right restroom can have a positive ROI. The Loo is a prime example! A long-lasting, high-quality, and accessible restroom cuts down on maintenance costs, street cleaning expenses, and energy demands.

Tough installation

Access to public restrooms is a fundamental human right, but that doesn’t eliminate the logistic hurdles. Unfortunately, many public officials operate under the misconception that the installation of restrooms needs to be a years-long process. The Portland Loo’s simple, sophisticated, and standalone design makes for a quicker and easier installation process so cities can meet the public’s restroom demands in a timely manner without running into excessive spending.

Criminal activity

Privacy has been the primary concern in restroom design for decades. This myopic focus had the unintentional result of increasing criminal activity. The anonymity and protection offered by closed-off restrooms tend to attract malefactors (and discourage everyday users). The Loo to the rescue! With an angled louver design, this restroom strikes the perfect balance between public safety and personal privacy. Passersby can see just enough to alert the authorities when the Loo is being misused.

Makeshift shelters

An overemphasis on privacy in restrooms doesn’t just attract criminals, it also encourages houseless individuals to seek shelter inside. While the houseless crisis needs to be addressed, cities are also grappling with a severe lack of public restrooms. By providing the ideal amount of privacy for users and visibility for public officials, the Loo discourages people from using it as temporary housing so everyone can use it as…well, a restroom!

Short lifespan

Public restrooms have become notorious among city officials for their short shelf lives. Conventional designs make these public amenities vulnerable to the slightest misuse. To address this issue, the Portland Loo is built with incredibly durable stainless steel material which protects against normal wear and tear, vandalism, and outright abuse. When repairs are needed, the modular design makes it easy to replace components of the restroom without having to uproot the entire structure.

Ugly designs

Toilets aren’t known for their aesthetic designs, but they can be! The Loo is redefining how public restrooms operate and look. It boasts a sleek, modern, and minimalist design that blends well with any public space. Whether your city needs a restroom in a park, business district, transport hub, school, or any other location, the Loo will make for a more attractive and accessible public space. The color is also fully customizable for cities that want to get creative with their amenities.

Looking for a modern public restroom that solves all your problems without adding any headaches or hassles? You’re in the right place! The Portland Loo is a revolutionary toilet that’s redefining what cities and citizens can expect from public amenities. Please contact us today if you’d like to learn more about bringing a Loo to your city.