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New Portland Loo Installed In Santa Rosa

Published in The sleekly modern “Portland Loo” is available free of charge and it’s opened 24-hours a day on…...
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More Innovations Are Required To Modernize Our Sewage Systems

Published in This pandemic has shown how our sewage systems work and that these need to be changed in…...
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The Portland Loo Could Be The Solution to Deal With Social Problems In The City of Terrace

Published in TERRACESTANDARD.COM The City of Terrace is going to place portable toilets to answer complaints about defecation and urination…...
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Men and Ladies Signs on Smooth Concrete Wall-cm

The Portland Loo Is Coming to Medford

Published in If Medford City Council approves grants, The Portland Loo will be installed in Medford soon. “Portland Loo”…...
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Toilet sign of outdor restroom at public park.-cm

More Public Restrooms Would Bring Improvements to City Parks

Published in Charleston City residents say that “Portland Loo” toilets could lower the crime rate by being an ideal…...
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The COVID-19 Pandemic Has Revealed Sanitation and Sewage System Problems

Published in The sewage and wastewater systems problems affect sanitation safety, as shown by public health issues. This means…...
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Downtown Columbus, Ohio - Aerial-cm

Five New Permanent Restrooms Are Required to Be Installed in Columbus

Published in The Columbus City Council will spend money on five new permanent public restrooms. The “Portland Loo” is…...
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Portland Loo Could Be the Solution For Public Health Needs

Published in Lewiston and other cities are looking for new public restrooms, as current facilities are limited. The Portland…...
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Restroom Sign in Bryce Canyon-cm

Portland Loo Is Recommended As a New Public Restroom in Downtown Athens

Published in An online survey for public feedback on a plan for a new public toilet facility for Washington…...
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How the Loo is Fighting Back Against the Lack of Public Toilets

Published in The US has a reputation for not being the friendliest place when it comes to using the…...
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