5 Things You Didn’t Know About The Portland Loo

Portland’s famous stand-alone bathroom, The Portland Loo, was designed to keep the city clean and discourage illicit activity. Here’s a few things you may not know about this sleek little refuge:

Solar Powered

Right next to the small translucent skylight at the top of the Loo are some integrated solar panels, which are used to power the LED fixtures inside. Thus the unit can be powered entirely by solar power, or in combination with low level volt power.


Secure Design

The open grating at the bottom and top allows law enforcement and security personnel to observe how many people are inside, and yet the occupant still has complete privacy. This also allows for conversations or other sounds to be heard easily right outside. There are also purple lights, sometimes mistaken for a fancy feature but actually deter intravenous drug use, as the hue makes it difficult to find your veins.


No Running Water Inside

The hand-washing feature is on the exterior, which deters anyone from lingering too long inside the restroom, so more people can use it in a quicker time period. This also prevents any clothing or body washing inside.


Practically Damage-Proof

The heavy-gauge stainless steel wall panels are lightweight and yet durable. They have a graffiti-proof coating, and can be easily replaced if damaged. There’s also no mirror inside, so that can’t be smashed or broken.


Profitable Design

The Portland Loo was designed in cooperation with the city of Portland, and has earned the city’s first patent! Thus, Portland gets a percent of the profit each time one is sold to another city or organization.


The Portland Loo offers high durability and a unique blend of privacy and security, all at a fraction of the cost of most current stand-alone city restroom models. If you’re interested in The Portland Loo for your city, transit, or park, please give us a call for more details and pricing.