Toilet Dreams. What These Recurring Potty Dreams Mean

When we dreamed up The Portland Loo, we were dreaming of a crime-free and clean city. But if you’re having recurring bathroom dreams, that’s a whole different kind of dream! And sometimes having a bathroom dream is nothing more than your body just telling you that you need ‘to go.’ Especially if you’re having a dream where you’re looking or searching for a bathroom. But it could be a lot deeper than that, as bathrooms are both intimate private spaces, as well as where we get rid of waste. Here are some of the most common bathroom dreams, and what they might mean:


You’re looking for a toilet or bathroom.

This is one of the most common bathroom dreams, and often because your bladder is full – as stated earlier. But if you’re having this dream a lot, it could mean that you’re not giving yourself the time and space you need to take care of things, and you’ve possibly been selfless while not attending to your own needs. This dream could also mean, similar to the dreams where you can’t find a classroom, that you’re simply just stressed out or that something feels urgent to you.


You’re flushing a toilet.

This kind of dream often means that you need to let something go. Perhaps a relationship or old patterns or something else that is holding you back. This might be a signal that you’re ready to move on from negative emotions and move on in your spiritual journey.


Your toilet, sink, or bathtub is overflowing.

Even if your overflow had waste or excrements swirling around in the water, this is usually a very good sign. It means you are feeling successful and have abundance in your life. But pay attention to how you feel – if you wake up from the dream feeling frustrated, it could be that you have too many things going on and can’t seem to get rid of them.


The toilet is leaking.

If your pipes are losing their hold, you might be losing some cash! That’s because this dream will mean that you feel like you’re using money carelessly, or that you’re losing it quickly from something or someone. Take a look at your financial habits and see if you’re feeling like it’s out of your control.


You’ve got a clogged toilet.

You probably know where this is going, because the common interpretation is pretty literal. If you can’t unclog your toilet in your dream, you’re probably feeling stagnated or stuck. You could also be feeling trapped with nowhere to go, or no way out. You might also feel like you can’t process your emotions, or that you haven’t been able to rid yourself of bad feelings.


You’re smashing a toilet.

You’ve probably noticed a trend by now that bathroom dreams are often a symbol for something going on with your money or emotions. They’re often tied together in our waking lives too! This is the case for dreams where you are literally breaking or smashing the toilet as well. This likely means that you are shedding pretenses and losing inhibitions. Your sh*t is no longer constrained! This dream could also mean that you can’t seem to breakthrough or make an impact with your finances and you’re ready to get rid of old restraints.


If you’re simply dreaming of a safe and clean bathroom in the middle of the city, look for the Loo! It’s the one with the rounded silver steel walls and grating along the bottom. And if your city or organization needs a standalone toilet that takes up a small footprint at any city sidewalk or transit station, contact us for more details and pricing!