The Portland Loo’s 5 Favorite Potty Training Songs

You may have heard about Portland’s famous stand-alone bathroom, The Portland Loo, which was designed in cooperation with city staff and volunteers. No other city’s bathroom is as celebrated as The Portland Loo, for it’s sleek modern look and unique blend of function and security. And one of the most famous celebrations was almost exactly seven years ago in 2012, in collaboration with Emerson School for the city’s fifth Loo installation at Northwest 8th & Couch Street in the Pearl District.


Emerson was very involved in the design and installation of this Loo, where students drew colorful plants and flowers that decorate the door. They were very happy about the nearby location, anticipating that their school playground would be more clean and safe without waste, needles, or other hazards.


The opening ceremony of this location was commemorated with toilet-themed songs performed by the school’s elementary students. They altered lyrics to “Skip to My Lou” to instead sing “Loo, loo, skip to the loo, when you’re in Portland, skip to the Loo.”  To honor the anniversary of this installation, here’s 5 more potty songs we love that you can sing along with your toddler in training:


Elmo: Potty Time

The video of this song features a younger Elmo from Sesame Street, who’s dad sings him a jazzy potty tune that’s quite fun and not nearly as simple or annoying as other toddler toilet songs.


Daniel Tiger: Stop And Go Potty

Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood from PBS has another great potty song that taps into how toddler’s hate to stop playing with their toys to go potty. Daniel shows them that it’s easy to come back to playtime after they take care of business.


Bear’s In The Big Blue House: Potty Chair

This song is a great one for younger toddlers that still in diapers. Bear introduces the potty chair in the song, helping to make them feel comfortable with it by singing about how mommy and daddy also had a potty chair.


Pinkfong: The Potty Song

The video has some really entertaining animation with a catchy tune that’ll get you singing along. The lyrics are very informational, telling your watching toddler exactly what to do, and what happens to your pee and poo after.


Growing Sound: The Poop Song

Featuring real toddlers with hilarious expressions, this song reinforces that your toddler knows when it’s time to poop because they can feel it. This song also is instructional, giving simple steps to your little practicing pooper.


If you need a durable and inexpensive solution to reducing crime and waste in your school, parks, transit stations, or other populated areas, join the many other cities also enjoy the look of The Portland Loo. Contact us for more information and pricing