Do You Know Your World Toilet Culture?

The Portland Loo isn’t an ordinary type of bathroom that you’re used to! There is no sink, for example, in the Loo because the hand-washing feature is on the outside! It’s also got louvers around the top and bottom so that you can see if someone is inside. Nothing that will shock you – but you’ll probably find some things different than most public restrooms you’ve used. And if you’ve done some travelling around the world, you’ve probably noticed that bathrooms aren’t what you’re used to there either. Here’s some of the strange customs and practices you’ll see at toilets in other countries:


China and Korea

These countries don’t have toilet paper available, so if you insist on having it, bring your own! A little traveller size Kleenex in your pocket will go a long way.


France, Portugal, Italy, Japan, Argentina, and Venezuela

In these countries, paper is also scarce, so they will usually have a bidet available, which is a toilet that features water jets to clean yourself with instead of paper.

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Here there’s often not water in the toilet bowl, and they commonly have a bidet as well – so you’ll see two toilet bowls in the public bathrooms – one is meant ‘to go’ in, and one is meant for cleaning your bum. Make sure you do your research ahead of time so you learn how to use this luxury for your lower half.

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Paris, Amsterdam, and other big European cities

You often need to pay to ‘go’ in the public restroom. Or, alternatively, you may have to pay for the toilet paper or other toiletries. And there’s sometimes an attendant there that keeps the bathroom clean and supplied, so you’ll be expected to tip for their services.


Singapore, Thailand, or Taiwan

It’s common in these and other Asian countries that you need to use your leg muscles and squat to use the restroom. They’ll often have their toilet bowls in the ground, with steps on each side to place your feet. It might sound primitive, but there are studies that show that squatting is healthier and more natural for the body.

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Mediteranian Countries like Greece Turkey, Greece, Morocco, and the Ukraine

In these and other close-by areas don’t flush! This means that you can’t put your toilet paper in the bowl – you need to use the special bins they have available for the used paper.



Apparently it’s possible to get a knock on the bathroom door in Scotland from someone who really needs to ‘go’! There are urban myths out that that say it’s an actual law that you’re required to let them enter and use the toilet, but it’s really more of a polite custom – one that probably doesn’t get exercised much anymore.

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Now you know what to do when you travel – and if you’re lucky you’ll find a Loo there too! We’re in cities all over the world, just look for the silver rounded steel walls and grating on top and bottom. And if you’re looking for an affordable, clean, and secure bathroom like the Portland Loo for your city or organization, give us a call and we’ll be happy to go over the specs and other details with you.