Where the Plazas Are in the City of Monterey–and How to Preserve Their Charm

Published in Marilynch.com

Visitors sometimes think that Cannery Row is downtown Monterey, but that’s not so. Below you’ll learn about plazas in each of these distinctive areas of the City of Monterey.


  • With all plazas, the courtesy of bicyclists toward pedestrians and property owners is vital to the City of Monterey being an ever more bike and pedestrian friendly town.  Please hop off and walk your bike, or bike slowly, when and where appropriate.
  • To learn more about bike laws and etiquette, including sidewalk riding in the City of Monterey and elsewhere, see “Riding skills, safety, and CA bike laws.” Also helpful is a 90-second audio and related text,  “Bicycling on sidewalks: misconceptions and advisories” (even its primary focus is our county seat and largest city, Salinas)….

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