Seattle fails to provide enough bathrooms for people experiencing homelessness

Published in Real Charge

The prosaically named “Review of Navigation Team 2018 Quarter 2 Report” was released by the City Auditor this month, but don’t let the uninspired title keep you away.

This third report on the city’s unsheltered street outreach response reveals a crisis-driven and reactive system that is often resistant to evaluation, analysis and change.

A system that is long on policing and short on relationship building. One that is overly focused on problem encampments, and outright negligent in regard to issues of public health.

Recommendations include greater focus on newly homeless individuals with more access to diversion resources; more coordination between the three departments and eight agencies that hold city street outreach contracts; independent evaluation of the Navigation Team; and a much more serious approach to issues of public hygiene such as toilet and shower facilities.

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