In Defense of San Antonio’s $100,000 Toilet

Published in San Antonio Current

It’s been nearly a year since a shiny, single-stall bathroom appeared on a busy intersection in downtown San Antonio — and the public promptly lost their s***(edited). The bathroom’s hefty price tag from Portland-based manufacturer struck immediate outrage from community members, and drew headlines like “This Texas city spent nearly $100,000 on a single public toilet” and “$100,000 ‘loo’ puts load on taxpayers.” The upset even earned the loo a satirical spot in this years’ Cornyation.

According to the city, there have been 40,000 flushes in the local loo’s first 11 months in use — or, an average of 120 users a day. But how can we really measure its success (or failure)?

It’s hard to quantify the worth of giving a human being the dignity of accessing a bathroom. There’s no easy way to calculate how many fewer people are …

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Content and image credit to San Antonio Current