City awaits toilets for downtown public restroom project

Published in Austin Monitor

Austin’s first permanent public restroom project downtown has been pushed back several months due to problems in the manufacturing process.

Portland Loo, the company that makes the solar-powered restrooms, told staff earlier this month it has run into “parts and labor issues,” disrupting the expectations of the city and a number of other customers.

Council Member Kathie Tovo, who sponsored the initial resolution to explore installation of free, 24-hour public toilets in January 2016, said she is disappointed by the news.

“We’ve had a multi-year wait for public restrooms; I’m very glad that we’re moving forward with getting the Portland Loo – that seems to be the model that promises the best fit for an urban environment – but I’m extremely disappointed that we’re experiencing further delays,” Tovo told the Austin Monitor. “We need these restrooms and we needed them years ago.”

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