Portland’s famous stand-alone bathroom, The Portland Loo, was developed by Madden Fabrication in conjunction with the City of Portland. Free and accessible around the clock, the Loos are designed specifically to prevent problems that are commonly experienced with public toilets. The sleek and modern kiosk discourages crime with graffiti-proof wall panels and open grating. And, they’re easy to clean, with commonly used components that are easy to replace or upgrade. First installed over 10 years ago, The Portland Loo has proven to be a durable and inexpensive solution to keep your city clean and crime-fee.

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Prevents Crime

The sleek and modern kiosk discourages crime with graffiti-proof wall panels and open grating that allows you to see if and how many people are inside.

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Easy to Clean & Maintain

The coating on the steel wall panels makes it simple to clean with a hose, and all plumbing and building components are common and easy to replace or upgrade.

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Inexpensive to Install and Run

It can be delivered on site as a complete enclosure, and requires minimal utilities that can operate on solar power or low level volt power.

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  • Sandra Campos – Google Review 5 Stars February 6, 2019
    “Really enjoyed it. Well keeped clean and enjoyed the view as soon as I was done with business.” The post Sandra Campos – Google Review 5 Stars appeared first on TheLoo.
  • Ben Jacklet – Google Review 5 Stars November 13, 2018
    “A clean public toilet!” The post Ben Jacklet – Google Review 5 Stars appeared first on TheLoo.
  • David Rodriguez – Google Review 4 Stars November 13, 2018
    “Good spot” The post David Rodriguez – Google Review 4 Stars appeared first on TheLoo.
  • Daniel Johnson August 7, 2018
    “Thank you  for your quote for the City of Shoreline Evan. I can’t being to tell you how effective the Loos have been in solving site CEPTED issues at the Rainier Beach Site. During my tenure as the former operations and maintenance director for Seattle Parks and Recreation, the Loo was a welcome solution to […]
  • Gary Johnson August 6, 2018
    “Based on Portland’s experience, this public toilet doesn’t just work well for homeless people — it works well for everybody” The post Gary Johnson appeared first on TheLoo.

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Portland Loo

The Portland Loo Versus Other City Toilets

The Portland Loo was designed in cooperation with the city of Portland to keep the city clean and discourage crime. Every feature was purposely designed to create a self-contained solution

How Portland is Adjusting to the Growing Population

According to estimates from the Population Research Center at Portland State University, Oregon added 54,200 new residents during the year that ended July 1, 2018. And even though that’s down


The Clever Reason Portland’s Public Toilets Offer Little Privacy / Published in MF

What would it take to design a public toilet that doesn't devolve into a den of drugs, graffiti, and a parade of people who relieve themselves on the floor? That


Seattle Auditor: Not enough public restrooms in Seattle for homeless / Published in KomoNews

SEATTLE — More public restrooms are needed to handle the unsheltered homeless population in Seattle. That’s according to the Seattle City Auditor, who presented the quarterly report on the city’s


‘Waterloo’: Downtown public restrooms scheduled to come online in November / Published in Community Impact Newspaper

Dubbed the “Waterloo,” a pair of new, stainless steel, solar-paneled public restrooms could be ready for use by Nov. 8, according to the city’s public works department, capping off what


Seattle fails to provide enough bathrooms for people experiencing homelessness / Published in Real Change

The prosaically named “Review of Navigation Team 2018 Quarter 2 Report” was released by the City Auditor this month, but don’t let the uninspired title keep you away. This third

A Public Toilet Made For Maintenance

No matter where we go, people love the sleek modern look of the Portland Loo, which is actually the result of designing it with and for the city staff that

Sacramento City Scape-cm

‘Civic responsibility’ or crime magnet? Historic Sacramento park likely to get public bathroom / Published in The Sacramento Bee

The Sacramento City Council is poised to grant an amenity homeless activists have requested for years — a restroom in downtown’s Cesar Chavez Plaza. But some in the influential business

Why 24-Hr Bathrooms Help Keep the City Healthy

Access to safe public restrooms are vital to a city’s cleanliness and health. The bottom line is that any city is full of people, and people need bathrooms! And if

D.C.’s Downtown Was a Public Bathroom Desert. That Could Soon Change / Published in Citylab

Homeless activists pushed Washington D.C. to pass expansive public restroom legislation. Now the city is moving to increase toilet access for the public. Over three months in 2014 and 2015,representatives

Ballard Commons to receive ‘Portland Loo’ before next summer / Published in My Ballard

The Ballard Commons Park will soon have a permanent public restroom — the Portland Loo will be installed at the park by summer 2019. The plan for the new toilet first came

Monterey-Salinas Transit to offer more public restroom options in downtown Salinas / Published in KION 5/46

SALINAS, Calif. - The restrooms at Salinas Transit Center see a lot of action throughout the day, as one of the only public restrooms in downtown Salinas. "It is very small and, of course, is gonna

Arvada Opens Public Restroom in Olde Town / Published in Arvada Press

The first public restroom in Olde Town Arvada, located at the Olde Town Transit Station Plaza, officially opened for use Oct. 16. “This is a pretty important thing in Olde

Guest Blog: When You Gotta Go, You Gotta Go…But Where? / Published in DC Fiscal Policy Institute

By John McDermott, George Olivar, Janet Sharp, and Marcia Bernbaum, People for Fairness Coalition (PFFC) Downtown DC Public Restroom Initiative Regardless of who we are, where or how we live, we

When Nature Calls… / Published in

There’s a lot to do, but no place to go—this may be the worst-kept secret of the urban experience. You’re planning a day in the Mile Square. It’s summer. Lots

App helps 100k people locate nearest public toilet / Published in Global Times

A China cloud platform has helped 100,000 people find the nearest public bathrooms when they were in need, but citizens called for an improvement in the environment. The Ministry of

Are Smart-bathroom Upgrades a Smart Investment Move? / Published in Think Realty

The Internet of Things and the advent of smart little helpers like Amazon’s Alexa, Google Home, and Apple Home have brought the concept of smart design out of the pages

We need more public toilets. Too many people are squatting between parked cars / Published in The Guardian

Public bathrooms are an invitation to participate in urban life — a signal of welcome even more important than parks and benches and trash cans. Those pieces of urban infrastructure

Victoria public loo voted best bathroom in Canada / Published in CTV News Vancouver

VICTORIA -- It's basically a spruced up downtown outhouse, but Victoria's so-called Langley Street Loo is now known as Canada's best restroom. A nationwide contest saw Victoria's outdoor, public restroom

“Canada’s best toilet” being installed in Smithers, BC / Published in CBC British Columbia

It's been called the perfect public toilet and the best toilet in Canada and now Smithers, B.C., is getting its very own own Portland Loo. "It seems to have got a lot

Relief comes to Kamloops in the form of free-standing restrooms / Published in CBC British Columbia

Kamloops, B.C., is getting two shiny, free-standing public washrooms that are made of steel and powered by solar energy. One Portland Loo, as they're called, will be installed on Tranquille

Portland Loos making a splash beyond city / Published in PortlandTribune

The TV show "Portlandia" may be ending this season, but another iconic symbol of the city's weirdness continues to spread around the world — the Portland Loo, a locally designed

Portland, Oregon, spent $250,000 to reinvent the public toilet – and it worked / Published in Business Insider

If you've ever used a public toilet, you probably wish you held the urge until you got home. They're unclean, smelly, and often serve as de facto homes for homeless

Why Portland’s Public Toilets Succeeded Where others Failed / Published in Citylab

For the residents of Portland, Ore., taking a whiz in a public toilet is not just a matter of necessity. It’s an act of civic pride.That’s because the city is

After embarrassment, Seattle finds public toilet that’s just right / Published in The Seattle Times

Seattle is trying yet again to relieve itself of its Pioneer Square public-toilet problem. The city’s current budget includes $230,000 for the purchase, transportation and installation of a stand-alone restroom

Things You Might See on the Sidewalks of Portland

We’re proud that we were able to work with Portland City staff and officials to develop The Portland Loo, which is the name of the freestanding restrooms you can see

5 Things You Didn’t Know About The Portland Loo

Portland’s famous stand-alone bathroom, The Portland Loo, was designed to keep the city clean and discourage illicit activity. Here’s a few things you may not know about this sleek little

In Defense of San Antonio’s $100,000 Toilet / Published in San Antonio Current

It's been nearly a year since a shiny, single-stall bathroom appeared on a busy intersection in downtown San Antonio — and the public promptly lost their shit. The bathroom's hefty price tag

Cities Look to Public Restroom to Clean up Downtowns, Attract Tourists / Published in PEW

A man enters a mobile restroom in downtown Denver. City officials hope the bathrooms will make the urban core cleaner and more inviting. DENVER — Here on Tremont Place, there’s

Solar-Powered Toilets of the World: A Comprehensive Guide / Published in Motherboard

For the first time in perhaps ever, solar-powered toilets are a prominent news item. I guess we can thank the world's wealthiest philanthropist: Bill Gates just gave a $100,000 cash

Seattle’s $5 million automated public toilets sold for $12,000 / Published in The Seattle Times

Seattle has officially washed its hands of the five self-cleaning toilets. The toilets cost the city $5 million. They sold on eBay Thursday evening for $12,549. All five were sold

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